Learn about your cancer drugs.

Learn about your cancer drugs.
On the left you will see a number of articles about cancer drugs..
Some are about the cancer drugs associated with a specific cancer.
So, you will see articles about Breast Cancer Drugs, Prostate Cancer Drugs and Lung Cancer Drugs. Each of these is a few years old now, but the information contained is still relevant.
Then you will see two more articles.
Firstly, an overview of the different types of cancer drugs now available to cancer patients..
Secondly, there is our A to Z guide to Cancer Drugs and Chemotherapy. This is a very important listing and covers 90 or so of the top cancer drugs available to patients. It is not the normal sort of drugs listing as, with every monthly Cancer Watch, we cover reports on drugs and their side effects, and we intend to add these each time to the comment on the drug. Here you can look up the cancer drugs proposed in your cancer treatment and learn more about them.
You may find other articles very helpful too: Such as
* The Placebo effect - where even people taking sugar pills, thinking they are chemo, are getting side-effects!
* Biologics - the new breed of drugs
* An anti-cancer diet for chemotherapy patients, by Chris Woollams;
and one of our centrefolds from icon magazine
* 20 things you need to know about chemotherapy. Its a quick read giving you lots of tips and useful help.
Learn about your cancer drugs.
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