Latest Cancer News and Cancer Research

Latest Cancer News and Cancer Research

Cancer Watch - the CANCERactive research centre

CANCERactive leads the way in Integrative Oncology research reporting online in the UK. 

Our aim is to EMPOWER you - to tell you the latest research on Complementary and Integrative Medicine you can use TODAY.

In this way, we believe we can help you increase your personal odds of survival by making more informed PERSONAL CHOICES right now.

So welcome to Cancer Watch - the heart of our charity CANCERactive.  

Why did no one ever tell me? is a cry we hear all too frequently after people find the CANCERactive website. They find so much information on this website - research information no other charities were telling them.

So - go to the Please Select drop down box at the top of this page. If you click the latest year, you will find the latest cancer research. But, as many people tell us, it is also worth clicking on the headlines from previous years. You are extremely likely to find several pieces of highly usable information from research, that no other charity or oncologist, doctor, nurse or health worker has ever mentioned.

So - what are you waiting for?

1 Click on the years in the drop down box above to open the articles (some have 50 research studies in them). Read all the information you may have missed in the last ten years!

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Can you really afford to miss the very latest cancer research - whether it is on a new drug or a bioactive natural compound?

Latest Cancer News and Cancer Research
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