The causes of Kidney cancer

The causes of Kidney cancer

'What caused my Kidney cancer?' is a question we are often asked and we know from research that, if not hereditary, it is largely due to Toxins in the work place, herbicides, pesticides, or paracetamol and smoking, or toxins from yeast, pathogen or parasite infection.


Many patients with Kidney Cancer, or Renal Cancer, want to know what may have caused it.  Here is a classic question posed by e mail.

Q: "I’m just 42, male and I have been battling kidney cancer for three years. I have Renal Cell Carcinoma or RCC. It is now starting to spread. What might be the cause of renal cancer; no one suggests anything? And what could I do about the causes? I’m desperate."

A:  We can’t speak for doctors in the UK, but in the USA websites are quite clear on possible causes of renal cancer. Go to US cancer websites and you will see that these include:

Firstly, there is an hereditary factory, although some talk of up to 40%, we cannot believe it is that high from the patients we have met.
Next, there is simple toxic poisoning - but you would expect some involvement as one job of the kidney is to remove toxins from the body. Research has indicated:
  • Smoking
  • Heavy metals: For example lead, chromium, even mercury
  • Asbestos
  • Some pesticides and herbicides
  • Excess consumption of painkillers, like paracetamol.

3. Other links have been made with certain medical conditions such as - high blood pressure, diabetes, and obesity.

4. Toxins produced by pathogens and yeasts (and even parasites) can also be involved. Many urinary tract infections are caused by E coli; as is Bladder cancer. E. coli has been found in higher levels in cases of breast cancer and in colorectal cancer. It is also known to cause kidney damage.

So, we’ll stick with toxins as a possible cause whether it is from external sources or internal microbes and thus it would be helpful to know your previous work experience and where you live - is it in proximity to a factory, or to farmland with pesticide sprays etc? And your history of antibiotics, food poisoning, stress, alcohol, smoking - anything that will put the good commensal bacteria down so the bad bacteria and yeasts can come out to play.

Green juices, chlorella, indole 3 carbinol, selenium (a maximum daily consumption of 200 micrograms) can each and all help displace heavy metals from the body; it might be as well if you went to a fully qualified nutritionist who can monitor your progress.

And you should think about killing your yeasts, pathogens and even parasites - we have a programme for this

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