Keytruda immunotherapy approved as first line treatment

Keytruda immunotherapy approved as first line treatment

Keytruda - first line treatment for non-small cell lung cancer

The week of October 24th 2016 may go down in cancer history. This week the FDA in America approved the immunotherapy drug Keytruda as a ‘first line’ treatment.

What does this mean? It means it can be used from the outset to treat non-small cell lung cancer. The patient doesn’t have to go through months or years of near-useless chemo. They can go straight to Keytruda.

Of course this is America and immunotherapy has been provided to patients for about 6 years and use is ever increasing. Patients in the UK, even now, are lucky to be included in even a clinical trial. Immunotherapy is not regularly used.

Non-small cell lung cancer accounts for about 40% of all lung cancers, up from about 12% 15 years ago. It is usually an EGFR-responsive cancer. Canadian research showed the cancer was increasing in young women 20-35 years of age, who had never been near a cigarette smoke or a cigarette. The cause was put down to xenon-estrogens in personal care products. 

Possibly the most famous recipient of Keytruda was former President Jimmy Carter who had surgery, radiotherapy and Keytruda to completely beat his melanoma.

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