Julie Harrison - My Story

Julie Harrison - My Story

The diagnosis


In 2009, I heard the words that every woman dreads. "You have breast cancer". All I heard was that I was going to die and so much soon than I had thought. I was only 44. The fear was indescribable, and so I rushed into surgery. During the recovery time from the operation, I began to scour the internet to find out how to recover. What I found out amazed and scared me but there was so much evidence plus people who had healed themselves from cancer and all sorts of diseases by nourishing their bodies rather than poisoning and burning them. I decided that chemotherapy, radiotherapy and drugs weren’t going to help me and so I didn't have them. Instead, I made a number of simple but profound changes to my diet and lifestyle.


Unexpected results

It was a couple of years into my new regime that I realised that the pain from an accident I’d had back in 2000 had melted away. My passion back then was skydiving, and unfortunately, I’d had a skydiving accident after which I was told I might never walk again. My main injuries were a broken femur and smashed pelvis. However, I proved them wrong, and 8 months later I wasn’t just walking I was back jumping again. I was warned about the pain and the fact it was something I was just going to have to live with, but I dreamed of the day when it might go. It was a constant pain, even when lying down, but it didn’t stop me going on to do another 500 odd skydives.


Side effects

It wasn’t just the pain that disappeared. I noticed a number of other “side” effects. My frequent migraines had stopped, my varicose veins had reduced, my digestive problems disappeared, my skin tone and texture improved, my stress levels reduced dramatically, and I had a new zest for life. Wow. Powerful stuff.


As I write this it’s 2019 and I’ve been cancer free for 10 years. What an incredible journey it’s been. My life is so much richer and fuller than it ever was back in 2009. I’m healthy, happy and plan on being around for at least another 40 years. I have so much energy, and a zest for life which is due to eating proper, real food, reducing as many toxins as possible and eliminating as much stress as I can. Oh, and having lots of fun too.


Beating Breast Cancer
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