Janice Day patron of CANCERactive

Janice Day patron of CANCERactive



Janice Day, a writer-performer who passionately believes in the patients right to informed choices. Despite refusing all chemical treatments Janice has survived breast cancer for twelve years and her comedy memoir GETTING IT OFF MY CHEST, explores her remarkable  journey as she lost a breast and gained a life.

In her own words "I was very happy to accept the role of patron with CANCERactive because I heard Chris Woollams, founder of the charity, speak at a lecture and I was impressed. I decided straight away that I would  do everything I could to support his work. I suggested that I include a plug for CANCERactive in my book and he asked me to be a patron.  I believe in people being informed, which is the underlying premise of my book GETTING IT OFF MY CHEST. I want to encourage breast cancer sufferers to ask searching questions about their treatment so that they are able to make choices that will give them the best chance of survival."

Click here to read a review of her book and click here to read a fuller account of Janices fight against cancer.


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