Italian style coffee cuts prostate cancer risk in half

Italian style coffee cuts prostate cancer risk in half
A study involving 7,000 men found that those who drank more than 3 cups of Italian style coffee a day (for example, expresso or capuchino), had a 53 per cent lowered prostate cancer risk. The reason was put down to the intake of caffeine as no such benefit was seen with those who used decaffeinated coffee.
The research was conducted by I.R.C.C.S. Neuromed in collaboration with the Italian National Institute of Health and the I.R.C.C.S. Istituto Dermopatico dell’Immacolata of Rome. It was published in the International Journal of Oncology. The observations were back up by laboratory tests. These showed a reduction in cancer cell proliferation and metastases.


Chris Woollams, Former Oxford University Biochemist and Founder of CANCERactive said, "This is all quite interesting and runs counter to popular belief. Of course the local scientists might be biased towards ’Italian Coffee’, but real coffee, freshly brewed contains Diterpines which actually have cancer-corrective (epigenetic) powers. It is all too easy to write off coffee and caffeine. But then most people in the UK drink the granulated, rather than real, version of coffee."
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