icon magazine Volume 5 Issue 4 - Editorial

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Lindsey FealeyMy grandmother said that time speeds up when you get older and she was right!  It only seemed like yesterday we were ringing in the New Year of 2006 and then the clock struck midnight and we welcomed in 2007!  But although it sped along, we have achieved much here at CANCERactive through 2006.

Our emphasis has been on information.  Evidence based-information.  Cancer Prevention Fortnight in November proved to be a huge success in getting our message across and raising our profile.  We have opened two Catherine Corners (one in Chichester at Cancer Wise and one in the Wirral at The Wirral Holistic Care Service), have introduced Personal Prescriptions and dramatically increased the circulation of icon magazine using monies awarded to us from the National Lottery.  We continue to develop and update our website and have now a strong relationship with an on line shop, Natural Selection, that offers all natural supplements as well as other toxin free products.  So we are providing more and more information on cancer and cancer prevention, so that you can make more informed choices and increase your personal odds of survival. Youre a person not a number, a human being not a statistic. Stress, diet and the environment all play a part in maintaining your cancer.

On page 14 you will see how Fritz Schellander believes in listening to people. How many doctors have the time?  Fritz dropped out of orthodoxy because he didnt have the time to care well; we care.  Jane Plant had to go and find her own cause.  Thank goodness she did and has been able to share her findings.   Dr Stanislaw Burzynski thinks he has found a cause (and the FDA are following him).  So let’s make 2007 a year to think about time and caring; let us all make the time to take care of ourselves and of others around us. That is why Catherine, Chris and I started CANCERactive.  Each charity has their priority.  CRUK is about Research, Backup about limited factual information, MacMillan Cares; but WE EMPOWER the individual. You dont just have to let it all happen to you or around you.  Go for it!

Finally, from everyone at CANCERactive, we wish you a very happy and healthy 2007.

icon magazine Volume 5 Issue 4 - Editorial
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