icon magazine Volume 4 Issue 4 - Editorial

Lindsey Fealey

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New Year Special

Welcome to the New Year. Looking back, (only briefly, though, because we like to look forward) 2005 was an action packed year for all of us. In addition to the magazines, we made great progress with CANCERactive, developing our new website, www.canceractive.com, organising fundraising activities including sponsored runs and The Great Wall of China trek and masterminding the highly successful Prevention Conference in November.

But in addition to the big landmarks, there have been lots of local events, put together by volunteers, with love and devotion, to raise money for our charity. For this we are truly grateful.

In the year ahead we plan to raise our game even higher. New Catherine Corners, more fund-raising treks, more cooperation with hospitals and health centres ensuring icon is available to everyone who needs it - and thats only a start. With a Cancer Prevention Fortnight planned in November we are looking to have networked nationwide local events. We value input from all of you and are ready to help with any fund-raising initiatives that you have on a local level - so if you have an idea - however zany it sounds - give us a call. (Were very friendly!).

We hope you enjoy this magazine. Were very proud to have an exclusive interview with our dear friend and patron, Geoffrey Boycott. Three years ago Boycott was diagnosed with neck and tongue cancer and fought a punishing battle with the disease, described in colourful terms in our article. No-one listening to his vigorous commentaries on the Ashes last summer or in Pakistan this winter would have any doubt at all that hes ahead of the game.

Theres a strong emphasis on prevention in this issue - words of wisdom from our icons Icon, Ian Gibson, advice on keeping the toxins out of your life plus a Centrefold of health resolutions from Chris for you pin on the wall. We hope you find it all helpful.

Finally, from Chris and myself, from Karen, Adele and Malcolm in the office and from all our contributors, we wish you a happy, healthy new year, with lots of love and laughter.

Lindsey Fealey

icon magazine Volume 4 Issue 4 - Editorial
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