icon magazine Volume 4 Issue 2 - Editorial

Lindsey Fealey

Integrative cancer and oncology news with articles and the latest news on cancer.

Firstly let me apologise for the delay in the publication of this spring issue. We have a variety of excuses - we have changed printers to keep costs down. Chris has been off speaking round the world, and we, as usual, are swamped trying to sort out projects for schools and cancer conferences. We really must try to get some more staff!!! But you will find it information-packed! Dont forget: If you want the magazine delivered to your home all you have to do is make a donation to CANCERactive of more the 30 and well do the rest. The form is here.

Firstly, we have an interview with Scott Robinson, a young guy with great courage and determination in his fight with testicular cancer. And now, 11 years after his initial diagnosis, hes a happily married father of 2.

We then follow this with the first of our centrefolds. We always receive praise for our centrefolds. Colourful, informative, fun but nonetheless the get their message home. So we thought we would have a couple of them in this issue. All taken from the articles we have run in the last two years. The first is on breast cancer, with others on food, supplements and stomach cancer.

As always our aim is to bring you information in a highly readable and easy-to-use format.

He says its really embarrassing but out icons icon is Chris. The team thought it was about time he figured in there somewhere. Hes written books, pioneered the magazine and the website, and still found time to speak round the world!!!

Also, is this issue we announce our plan to hold Britains first ever National Cancer Prevention Conference. IT takes place on November 17th and the day kicks off with the Secretary of State for Health, or one of the other ministers of health. We have a number of expert speakers as you will see from the outline programme on page 9. You can obtain further details from our office. It is a not-to-be-missed event.

Frankly, this conference is long overdue. We shall appoint an expert committee from our patrons so that CANCERactive can take forward the days conclusions. And well hold a follow-up conference next year to see how things are progressing.

Were even planning a cancer prevention fortnight too. If youd like to help please give the office a call on 01280 821 211. We really need local support groups. Please help.

Finally, in the last month, we have all received extensive news coverage of Kylies breasts. We wish her well. We just hope that, as a pre-menopausal woman, she has been told to have her operation in the second two weeks of her menstrual cycle. According to research for several sources, including Guys hospital, long-term survival rises from 45 per cent if you have the operation in the first two weeks when oestrogen is dominant, to 75 per cent in the second two weeks when protective natural progesterone is dominant.

This is the sort of research, we believe, every woman and doctor shold know.

Have a good summer.

Lindsey Fealey

icon magazine Volume 4 Issue 4 - Editorial
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