HRT - The Supplement that should be banned?

HRT - The Supplement that should be banned?

Oestrogen could also cause cancer through genetic mutations; HRT in focus

Research studies in the USA and the UK, all covered previously in icon, have shown that taking the pill or the oestrogen-only form of HRT can increase risks of breast cancer by about 26 per cent. Taking mixed synthetic oestrogen and progesten HRT can double the risk of breast cancer. Taking HRT over a number of years also increases risks of other cancers like colon cancer.

Oestrogen has long been known to ‘fuel the fire’ of cancer and synthetic oestrogen may even be worse.
Now researchers for based at Clare Hall, Hertfordshire have shown that oestrogen triggers the production of an enzyme called AID. At low levels this actually helps immune systems adapt to fight off infections. However at higher levels these adaptations become mutations in the DNA. This is not the first time oestrogen has been shown to trigger cancer causing genetic changes. (Journal of Experimental Medicine; Jan 2009)

Dr Leslie Walker of CRUK said that, ‘This link is particularly pertinent to women receiving increased amounts of oestrogen for prolonged periods, during HRT for instance.’ In recent years, a number of chemicals that, once in the body, can mimic the action of oestrogen have been shown to cause similar genetic damage.


HRT could cause cancer recurrence.


In a separate study breast cancer survivors who undergo hormone replacement therapy (HRT) are significantly more likely to have their cancer recur than survivors who do not use HRT, according to a study conducted by researchers from Kings College London and published in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. ‘The results ‘indicate a substantial risk for a new breast cancer event among breast cancer survivors using hormone-replacement therapy,’ according to the experts who wrote the report.

It seems that harmful side effects of HRT have finally been clearly demonstrated,’ wrote Kathy Pritchard of Canada’s Sunnybrook Odette Cancer Center in an accompanying editorial.


Our results ... suggest that hormone therapy not only induces and promotes breast cancer, but may also stimulate the growth of tumor microdeposits in breast cancer survivors,’ the researchers wrote. ‘The risk elevation is in line with the evidence from observational studies and randomized trials that [HRT increases the risk of breast cancer in healthy women’. (Ed: Let’s be clear. HRT is a synthetic hormone supplement. How much increased cancer risk is needed before authorities remove a supplement from the market? With vitamins under the cosh, some consistency from the EU would be good.)

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