Hospitals, Cancer Clinics and cancer centres

Hospitals, Cancer Clinics and cancer centres

Welcome to the home page for this section on cancer hospitals, cancer centres and cancer support centres. Frankly, it would be impossible to cover them all. So we have commissioned writers to look into the best hospitals and even prepare a summary of Private Cancer Clinics around the World.

We are not saying any of them will cure your cancer. We are not endorsing any. Nor do we favour one over another. The articles are often prepared from suggestions you, cancer patients and readers, have communicated to us after you visited and found one useful. We are adding to the list all the time. 
In this section you will find articles on Hospital Centres of Excellence, and even a piece on our own Catherine Corners - weve taken information out around Britain to where it matters.

We cover all types of Centre - from the Royal Marsden to the Penny Brohn Centre (formerly the Bristol Cancer Centre) and Maggies to the Dove Clinic. Some for example in Cancer Centres of Excellence, may take a strictly orthodox approach, or (as many do now in America) an Integrative approach. Sometimes we write the piece, sometimes our readers do. Sometimes we let MacMillan or a Clinic write their own. We aim to inform in an objective and impartial way - what you do with the information is up to you.
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Hospitals, Cancer Clinics and cancer centres
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