Horror Story

Horror Story

Quackery is alive and well in British Oncology Departments.

Last Summer I did a PP for an Indian Lady living in London. I talked with her daughter. The lady was in her 60s, with non-small cell lung cancer. She was rather overweight, the orthodox medicine had finished, and that was that. There was nothing more the Hospital could do.

They came to me and I built a personal programme, which the daughter ‘policed’ her mother to follow. Just after Christmas the lady had a scan. Everything was held, stable; in fact, actually slightly improving. By the scan in May it was clear. All round improvement, tumours in decline and more.

And then some bright spark at the hospital noticed that our patient had had been losing weight across the 9 months. OF COURSE SHE HAD. She was overweight to start with, she went on a Rainbow Diet, and there is clear research that controlled weight loss aids survival. It was part of the plan.

But, the men in white coats decided that weight loss was a problem. So they put our patient on Dexametasone, a corticosteroid. The drug was approved in 1961 for the treatment of allergies and asthma. Of course, it isalso now used as an anti-inflammatory in cases of brain cancer and Rheumatism and arthritis, but many American Hospitals are using Diet for Rheumatism and arthritis as steroids ultimately can make matters worse. Wikipedia and Web MD make no mention of the use of Dexamethasone for controlling weight loss.

Mind you, they make no mention of another well-proven side-effect. Dexamethasone increases your blood sugar levels. This probably doesn’t matter to the brain-washed nurses and doctors in UK Hospitals, but it did to our lady. We had he blood sugar at Ketogenic Diet levels of 4.5. In fact, I use a healthy Rainbow Diet and berberine, a herb that reduces blood sugar, attacks the AMPK pathway, attacks microbes and is an anti-inflammatory.

Within 2 weeks, our patient’s blood sugar had risen to 44. The cancer must have thought it was Christmas!. It roared back. In despair the daughter rang me. ‘Mum has been given a week to live; do you have any suggestions?’

Science and research is about controlling variables. But people working in Hospitals just aren’t scientists. They use drugs without fully understanding what the side-effects include. Because they can.

The only variable that changed was the blood sugar spike, caused by Dexamethasone. Nothing else changed.

It’s a Horror story.

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