Holistic Cancer Therapies

Holistic Cancer Therapies

Holistic Cancer Therapies

If you are in America you may talk about using integrative cancer therapies to help beat your cancer. In the UK you are more likely to refer to them as holistic cancer therapies. Im not trying to be difficult but I call them Integrated cancer therapies.

If you go to your oncologist he will plan his treatment programme around surgery, radiotherapy and chemotherapy. If he wants to strengthen your bones he might prescribe bisphonates, if yeasts become an issue in leukaemia treatment he might prescribe anti-yeast drugs. If you ask about cancer nutrition he will suggest you eat 5 lots of fruit and vegetables per day. It all comes off his computer screen. But already he is building you his version of an holistic cancer treatment programme.

You may read that if you have taken antibiotics, or certain drugs, you wont be able to release much of the nourishment from your food. You may start taking some probiotics to provide the essential beneficial bacteria which will help you release cancer-diet vitamins like folic acid, biotin, vitamin K and so on. Now you have started to add integrative therapies into the mix.

You may decide to change your diet, to add in whole grains, more fruit and vegetables, while cutting saturated fats and trans fats from your diet completely.

You may read that certain herbs like curcumin, cats claw and Echinacea can boost your immune system; and that astragalus can not only help, but it helps identify the rogue cells for your immune system. MD Anderson have stated that it can increase survival of those having radiotherapy by 50 per cent.,

You may read that women who take daily exercise increase their survival by 50 per cent according to a US Hospital and the magazine Integrative Cancer Therapies.

You start thinking; you add these in to your holistic cancer programme. You are well on the way.

You can understand that if smoking caused your cancer and you continue to smoke, no matter what the doctor does, your odds of survival are going to be poor. But if you cut the bad things you did, if you could take daily exercise and increase your survival odds by 50 per cent, and add some better diet-cancer habits to increase it by 30 per cent, could you lift yourself away from the statistics and the average person with cancer.

You can increase your personal odds of beating cancer.

Its an individual thing. You just need the information.

And you need the discipline. Too many people try a bit of this, and a bit of that. But will giving up meat really do any good. Which complementary therapy should I use? Is acupuncture better than massage? Or Reiki better than Hands on Healing?

So at CANCERactive we decided to empower you: To provide all the information. And we decided to help you to pull together your very own holistic cancer programme using integrative cancer therapies. The best of the best.

We call it the ACTIVE8 Programme, and its unique to CANCERactive. (click here to go to the ACTIVE8 Programme)


Holistic Cancer Therapies
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