High ’healthy fat’ Rainbow Diet reduces risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease

High ’healthy fat’ Rainbow Diet reduces risk of cancer, diabetes and heart disease


Healthy fat the key to good health

A meta-analysis of 56 unique studies, reviewed by Hanna E. Bloomfield, MD, MPH and colleagues from the Minneapolis Veterans Affairs Medical Center, Minnesota has shown that the high ’healthy fat’ content of the colourful Mediterranean Diet, is associated with a reduction of cancer risk.

All cancer mortality declined by 14%.

Not only did the risk of dying from any cancer fall, but the diet clearly prevented cancer too. In particular, breast cancer risk declined by 57 per cent and colorectal cancer risk by 9 per cent.

Lower risk of other chronic illnesses

The findings didn’t stop with cancer. The Rainbow Diet was a associated with a lowered risk of almost a third in several other illnesses. There was a reduction in diabetes risk (30%) and a reduction in cardiovascular risk (29%).

“We found in our study ... that healthy diets can include a lot of fat, especially if it’s healthy fat,” said Bloomfield.

Typically the Rainbow Diet includes a lot of cold pressed olive oil, nut oils (like walnut) and whole nuts and seeds, and oily fish. But it also includes foods like rillettes and pates not usually seen as healthy.

Heart disease and cancer may react differently

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and a founder of CANCERactive said, "In a separate 2014 meta-study and another in 2010, no difference was seen in cardiovascular risk between those consuming a high fat diet and those on a low fat diet 

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Current thinking from Cardiologists like Dr. Aseem Malhotra and Dr. Chauncey Crandall in the USA, is that high sugar and high grain diets cause inflammation in the body and this is what causes plaque to build up.

But it is not as simple as that as there are a number of quality research studies showing that high bad saturated fat and triglyceride levels in the body are linked to more cancer risk and more metastases.

The relationship between your diet and your gut bacteria is also crucial. For example a recent study has shown that the lack of diversity in the Paleo Diet can endanger the health of the gut micro biome.

People wishing to avoid a cancer, heart disease, strokes, diabetes and other chronic illnesses would be well-advised to read our best-selling book the Rainbow Diet to really understand once and for all what the healthiest diet involves."

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