Handy Hints

Handy Hints

To help with your Fundraising Event, take a look at our Handy Hints:


Open quotesAlways use CANCERactive charity logo and charity registration numberClose quotes

1: Remember "If you don’t ask you don’t get"

2: If you are trying to raise a specific amount eg for a trek, break the sum down into bite sized chunks

3: Put a plan together with a timeline if necessary

4: Make sponsorship easy for the person who is giving eg ’cheques should be made payable to CANCERactive’

5: Offer to take the money there and then (or you have to ask twice!)

6: Remember people find it more difficult to say ’no’ face to face

7: When you contact people make sure you always follow up, chase and call back

8: Offer a ’pay back’ or incentive eg I will come and speak at your club about my experience.

9: Try to identify original ideas (everyone asks for money waving a sponsorship form)

10: Always use CANCERactive charity logo and charity registration number

11: Get help from others eg family, friends, work colleagues, employers, clubs and associations


Open quotesIf you don’t ask you don’t getClose quotes


12: Advertise what you are doing eg local newspaper, posters in High Street, supermarkets, hairdressers, doctors and dentists surgeries, web sites, school newsletters, local TV and radio

13: Approach employer (many have schemes where they will match funds raised) and local businesses - offer to advertise using their logo

14: Tell your friends and family ’No birthday presents please but donations to CANCERactive

15: Call us to see what support material is available for you - we are always happy to donate one of Chris Woollams’ books as a raffle prize for example


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