Gut problems an accident waiting to happen?

Gut problems  an accident waiting to happen?

Just lately when I have been doing a Personal Prescription for someone with cancer I have found almost 100% of the time that they have had gut problems. IBS, leaky gut or yeast infections seem to be the most common, but chronic fatigue syndrome, fibromyalgia and even Hashimoto’s are more and more common.

Your gut bacteria are not incidental to your life; they are not like irritating flies that keep landing on your arm. They have 75,000 genes to your 25,000 – they make three times more proteins and enzymes than you do. At any one time, 38% of the small molecules in your blood stream come from them not you. They control your physical biochemistry; and they control your mental biochemistry.

Worse, their messages – their microRNA – trumps your microRNA altering your messages. For better or for worse.

These changed messages can cause all manner of chronic illnesses including cancer.

And the number of times I have a female patient with cancer, and her daughter who is taking notes says that she has had gut problems for years, and is going to follow the gut programme outlined for her mother!

I keep hearing that their children have gut problems, not just the adults. Pain, persistent cough, cramps, diarrhoea, rashes, asthma and worse. These are caused by antibiotics given to young children (yes, and too many vaccines) resulting in loss of good bacteria. And also a diet lacking soluble fibre (whole oats, vegetables, nuts and seeds, pulses), a lack of fish oil and extra virgin olive oil, or berries, apples, carrots, onions to increase ellagitannin, pectic and inulin levels – all the favourite foods of helpful gut bacteria levels, needed to boost their levels and thus the immune system. Are the Cancer charities really puzzled why more and more young people are developing colorectal cancer?

I have just started a service to help rebuild people’s microbiomes. I was doing it anyway, but numbers increased so rapidly, I am now doing it more formally

Go to: Chris Woollams Gut Health Consultations

The first lesson learned: stress, parasites and eating fruit during the day or in smoothies counters any supplements and herbs you might take to reduce the problem.

And, as always, everyone is unique, and so is their gut problem.

But you MUST FIX IT, before it makes matters worse. A bad gut is an accident waiting to happen.

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