Google outperforms radiologists on CT scan conclusions

Google outperforms radiologists on CT scan conclusions

Artificial Intelligence can outperform radiologists reading CT scans for early detection in lung cancer where the doctors regularly conclude both false negatives and false positives.

A team of researchers from Google AI, Stanford Health Care and Palo Alto Veterans Affairs, Northwestern Medicine, and New York University, Langone Medical Center are convinced that Artificial Intelligence algorithms can improve on human performance.

The study showed that AI provided a ‘State of the Art’ performance according to the researchers across 6,716 National Lung Screening Trial cases.

Where prior CT scans were not available the AI outperformed the 6 radiologists who had provided their expertise. The radiologists actually gave 5% false negatives but 11% false positives and the AI beat them.

Where prior CT scans were available, the performances were equal.

Watch out radiologists! Google is coming.

The study was recorded in the journal Nature (1)


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