Give by Tax Return

Give by Tax Return

Give your tax refund to charity

Nominate CANCERactive to receive your tax refund and help us continue our vital work.

How it works

If you are completing a self assessment tax return, you can nominate a charity to receive any tax refund you are due.

The Government will treat this refund as a Gift Aid donation. This means that CANCERactive will get 25p more for every pound donated at no extra cost to you.tax2


For example:

If you are owed 10 pounds
The taxman will add 2.50
Giving a total donation of 12.50
Please note that the scheme is open to UK taxpayers only.


What you need to do

To ensure CANCERactive receives your tax refund, please include the charity’s unique identifier number on the tax return form. This number is Canceractive/FAR49RG.

Further information

If you require any information about making a donation to us through your self assessment tax return, you can contact us on 0300 365 3015 or

Give By Your Tax Return
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