Frequent Bowel movements may be linked to reduced breast cancer risk

2014 Research

In a 2008 study (Cancer Epidemiol Biomarkers Prev. Jul 2008; 17(7): 1746–17510) researchers showed that having three bowel movements a day was linked with a reduced breast cancer risk of 46%.

Researchers actually then said this was not statistically significant (!) but went further to hypothesise that bowel movements helped remove oestrogen from the body and reduce plasma levels of the hormone, which is known to be linked to breast cancer risk.

To look into this - people who are constipated may resort to laxatives but they have their own problems. They may eat more fibre - but fibre has been shown to worsen the problem as it can swell and make stool passing even harder.

Then some people drink lots of water, while others drink prune juice. EU scientists have already ruled that there is not enough information and research to conclude prune juice is any use at all.

What is the real answer. Well, if you go on holiday and get a ’runny tummy’ people always realise they have a bug. But when the opposite occurs people rarely think the same.

Constipation is caused by an imbalance in the microbiome. And the answer is to take probiotics.

If you are already thinking of supplementing with probiotics, make sure it is a good one. Research showed 35% of High Street products were dead! Why not check out what’s in the Natural Selection Shop by clicking here.

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2014 Research
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