Fluoride shown to damage IQ

While most actions like chlorination treats the water in the public system, fluoride is added to treat the humans, whether they like it or not. Fluoride is supposedly dangerous if used as an additive, to pregnant women and children, yet they too live in fluoride treated water areas. Seattle has recently been apparently taking legal advice over possible legal claims from residents who feel their illnesses came from fluoridation.

Fluoride has now been linked to lower IQ in humans. The Fluoride Action Network in America has now confirmed that 34 studies link fluoride to lower IQ levels in humans. This supports large numbers of studies linking fluoride to learning and memory impairment, foetal brain damage, altered neurobehavioral function and altered thyroid hormone levels.

Following a recent Harvard fluoride/IQ study, attorney Michael Connett of FAN said, ’Legislators who mandate fluoridation without carefully considering this research are doing a profound disservice to the health and welfare of their constituents’.

In a macro review of 27 fluoride/IQ studies, Harvard researchers concluded that the chemical’s effect on children’s developing brains should be a ’high research priority’.

Bizarrely, advocates of fluoridation seem to have misinterpreted the research even claiming the Harvard research wasn’t relevant to Americans, FAN said.

FAN says the Harvard team found that fluoride exposure was associated with statistically significant reductions of seven IQ points.
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