Fish oils reduce breast cancer risk

2013 Research

Seemingly for the hundredth time since CANCERactive started ten years ago, research has shown that fish oils can reduce breast cancer risk.
This time, researchers in China analysed almost 950,000 people across 26 International Studies and concluded that women who consume higher levels of omega-3 from fish oils have 14 per cent less breast cancer than those women who consume little (British Medical Journal, June 27; 2013).
And, just as we have been telling you for years, omega-3 from fish is not the same as omega-3 from plants which has a different structure and does not provide this anti-cancer benefit. Researchers were quite clear on this.
The results also showed a dose-response relationship: Each 0.1-gram increase in omega-3 per day was linked with a 5 percent lower risk of developing breast cancer. (One serving of salmon contains about 4 grams of omega-3 fatty acids).
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2013 Research
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