Featured Charities

Featured Charities

Featured cancer charities - and the Truth about cancer information

We know we are not the only information source that can help you prevent or treat cancer. But we are the UKs number 1 charity on Prevention and the number 1 charity for Complementary and Integrative Medicine for people with cancer. 

At CANCERactive, we are a group of people ALL touched by cancer. We help others touched by cancer, we help support groups, we help nurses. We understand. 

Other charities may be more lengthy or detailed in praising orthodox therapies. Some may cover Alternative therapies and make quite wild claims.
We do promise you that we try to report objectively, truthfully, without vested interest, and if we are mistaken or there is new research, we are not too proud to change our views. You are our only concern and our motto is important to us: Intelligent Information. Independent Voice.
We take money from no one - not a pharmaceutical company, nor a private clinic. Not a vitamin or a drug supplier. If it means we are attacked by people with their own vested interests, so be it. You, the patients, know the Truth. We also recognise vested interests and a hidden agenda is a real concern whenever you look for information on the Web. So be careful.
In this section, we merely list other charities we have covered in icon - charities who may well be able to help you. All are dedicated to helping cancer patients, just as we are. We are happy to provide links to them and hope, one day, they might all do the same for us in return!

Importantly, the listings and detail are theirs to write and theirs to correct and update. We cannot be held responsible for any failure on their part to keep the information current.

Featured Charities
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