Exercise reduces risk of dying from lung cancer and colorectal cancer

Exercise reduces risk of dying from lung cancer and colorectal cancer

Yet more solid research evidence, this time from Johns Hopkins University, that exercise can reduce the risk of developing cancer by up to 77%, and increase the chances of survival once someone has cancer, by up to a staggering 89%; It is doubtful that any cancer drug could match these figures.

In the largest and most thorough study of its kind 49,143 people between the ages of 40 and 70 went through physician-monitored exercise stress and fitness testing for 18 years to 2009. None had cancer and all used the Henry Ford Health System in Detroit. 46% of participants were female, 64% white and mean age at start was 54.

The participants were followed up after an average of 7.7 years.

The research was conducted by scientists at Johns Hopkins Higher Cardio-Respiratory Fitness was associated with less risk of both lung and colorectal cancers. Importantly, exercise was associated with lowered all-cause mortality and increased survival rates in people who did develop the diseases.

Those that exercised the most had a 77% decreased risk of developing lung cancer and a 61% decreased risk for colorectal cancer. Amongst those who did develop the disease, those with lung cancer had a 44% decreased risk of dying; with colorectal cancer it was an 89% decreased risk.

Former Oxford University Biochemist and CANCERactive Medical Board participant Chris Woollams said, “How many more studies like this have to be done before UK oncologists and nurses stop saying diet and exercise make no difference to cancer survival? Is there a drug that reduces dying from colorectal cancer by 89%?”

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