Even low dose contraceptive pills increase breast cancer risk

Even low dose contraceptive pills increase breast cancer risk

A large study(1) of 1.8 million women over a long period of time (17 years) using Denmark’s comprehensive medical data registry has concluded that even low dose contraceptive pills are linked to a significant increase in breast cancer risk. Seven low dose pills were also analysed but it did not really make much difference which one a woman chose (New England Journal of Medicine, December 2017).  





More than two decades ago the early contraceptive pills were linked to increased risk of breast cancer. Moving to much lower dosages was supposed to cut the risk substantially. Unfortunately, it doesn’t seem to have done so. 

Chris Woollams, former Oxford University Biochemist and founder of CANCERactive said, "If you put a hormone like estrogen into your body, you have to expect something nasty to happen. The early contraceptive pill and HRT caused similar, dangerous problems. Many women would not have been without the contraceptive pill. It transformed their lives. It is just a pity they were led into a false sense of security by manufacturers who wanted to continue making vast sums of money. There is little doubt that breast cancer is at epidemic levels".  












1. Contemporary hormone contraception and the risk of breast cancer: Lina S. Morch et al.





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