Environmental Toxins and cancer

Environmental Toxins and cancer
Cancer Prevention - environmental toxins and preventing cancer
This whole section is highly controversial.
We all know the dangers of asbestos; mesothelioma lung cancer patients more than most.
We know that research shows Dioxins cause cancer. Yet you can find them in animals and fresh water fish.
The FDA in America has declared chemicals like Formaldehyde and Dichlorobenzene carcinogens. Yet, you can find them both in plentiful supply in your UK home. (See our article: As safe as Houses).
Even common drugs are not beyond increasing cancer risk. Especially when older people may take cocktails of six or more drugs, the combination never having been through research, let alone a clinical trial. Polypharmacy, or illness due to taking a cocktail of prescription drugs, is responsible for 28 per cent of total admissions at the New York Presbyterian Hospital, and is the number one cause of death in Florida.
The World Health Organisation in 2013 issued a report calling for all countries to ban gender-bending chemicals:
These are common chemicals that increase the oestrogen levels in your body, or weaken your immune system. They are called xenoestrogens, and have been found to be cumulative. For example:
        * Bisphenol A - in white linings of cans, plastic toys, babys feeding bottle? Banned in Canada, a known oestrogen mimic; a xenoestrogen.
        * Parabens, a common preservative.
        * Phthalates released from the plasticisers used in plastic cups and bottles especially after the liquid contents became warm.
        * DEHP - In perfumed products - perfumes can contain any of about 150 ingredients, and they dont have to be labelled. Some contain toluene (also in some nail polishes). It is a xenoestrogen and has been linked to brain tumopurs. There are other ingredients. One in the blood stream is DEHP which in pregnant mothers has been linked to higher rates of genital deformity in male offspring. Even testicular cancers in some cases.
The World Health Organisation (in conjunction with IARC) has declared EMFs and Glyphosphate (in Monsantos RoundUp) to be Probable Carcinogens.
Finally, the Science of Epigenetics has shown that four factors can block essential messages from your DNA and cause cancer - these are poor diet, stress, hormones such as oestrogen, AND ENVIRONMENTAL TOXINS.
Want to prevent cancer?
Look into Pesticides.  Some also contain xenoestrogens. The UK Government didnt mention pesticides in its 2004 White Paper on cancer. But the EU has, talking abiout health risks and even cancer. Not surprising really. DDT and Lindane were linked to four-fold increases in breast cancer in Israel before they were banned. Mind you, the Western Governments only banned their sale in the West. You can still find them on a vegetable from a third world country in a green grocers near you.
"50 per cent of cancers are your fault" - you smoke, you are overweight, you go in the sun (actually thats good for you!) and you eat a poor diet. Thats what the major charities tell you.
Environmental causes of cancer multiply up the effects of smoking
So what are the other 50 per cent - and why is there hardly anything on most of the big charity websites? Cancer Research UK say that environmental toxins are not proven causes of cancer - and if at some time in the future they are shown to be, then it will be small - about 2 per cent of all cancers. However, that 2% (actually it was 2-4%) equates to 6500 - 13000 cancer cases in the UK and was the finding some 30 years ago of two Professors Doll and Peto. Since then we know far more: In the 2006 report from the University of Massachusetts, Lowell: "Environmental and Occupational Causes of Cancer: A Review of Recent Scientific Evidence" they said that environmental toxins could play a part in up to 35% of all cancers.
"Many cancer cases and deaths are caused or contributed to by involuntary exposures. These include: bladder cancer from the primary solvent used in dry cleaning, breast cancer from endocrine disruptors like bisphenol-A and other plastics components, lung cancer from residential exposure to radon, non-Hodgkin´s lymphoma from solvent and herbicide exposure, and childhood leukemia from pesticides The authors further noted that the mortality rate for all cancers combined (excluding non-melanoma skin cancer) is the same today as it was in the 1940s, yet the annual rate of new cases has significantly increased".

"Major cancer agencies have largely avoided the urgency of acting on what we know to prevent people from getting cancer in the first place," said researcher Genevieve Howe at Lowell.

Far more worrying are 2012 and 2013 findings that environmental toxins seem to multiply up the effects of smoking. Read our longer article Pillar II on the causes of cancer - Environmental Toxins (click this link). It takes you through a number of cancers and tells you the available research and what American websites have to say.
Cancer prevention? If you really want to prevent cancer you need to know the Whole Truth - what factors have been shown in research to increase the risk of cancer, either directly, or indirectly? Understand these and you really will have a greater chance of preventing cancer - for yourself and your family.

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Environmental Toxins and cancer
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