Edge Radio Surgery takes minutes where radiotherapy takes weeks

2015 Research
Portugal’s ’Champalimaud Centre For The Unknown’ offers ’Translational medicine’. This is a rapidly growing science in Biomedical Research. It aims to use a multi-disciniplany approach to evaluate new treatments from the laboratory to the bedside. It is like a real life ’hot-house’ for new, alternative therapies.

One such treatment the centre is researching is non-invasive Edge Radio Surgery, created by cancer specialist Varian Medical Systems, where targeted rays are beamed to tumours with accurate precision. It’s extraordinarily quick too. What normal radio surgery can do in 30-40 sessions, this new technology is claimed to do in 10 to 15 minutes.

Edge radiosurgery tracks the tumour in real time, and delivers an accurate precision dosage anywhere in the body. It has ablation effects.


1. https://www.varian.com/oncology/products/treatment-delivery/edge-radiosurgery-system

2015 Research
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