Dr Patrick Kingsley former patron of CANCERactive

Dr. Patrick Kingsley was clear. "I didn't come into medicine to make people comfortable. I came in to heal people". And so he started to explore how to heal people without drugs or surgery.

He wrote a book The New Medicine - how to heal people without drugs or surgery and he has a very strong following of fans who have beaten their disease after consulting him.

He began his career as a junior doctor in the Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Barbados, and then moved to work for Pharmaceutical company Fisons in the UK, before returning to practice.

His views on the inadequacy of orthodox medicine led him to leave the NHS and set up a private clinic, treating people with some great success for over 30 years. He always put his patients first and his mission was to help people. He helped run the Loughborough Cancer Self Help Group without any reward for over 25 years.

Sadly, this giant of a man, passed away in August 2016 at the age of 78.

Patrick wrote a series of articles for us.  

Go to the first article: Why has this condition developed? 

Chris Woollams, founder of CANCERactive said, "It is deeply sad. Patrick was one of the first people I consulted when my daughter Catherine developed her brain tumour. I remember discussing the causes and Patrick telling me that the cause was always the first thing he looked for. And that is exactly what I do when I help people. It is a crucial step if you are going to heal someone. Patrick will be really missed by many, many people." 

Dr. Kingsley wrote 28 separate books on 28 separate cancers that are now available on Amazon Kindle or on the web at www.thenewmedicine.info 

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