Dr. John Holt Fighting Cancer with Radio Waves

Killing cancer using radiowaves, heat and hyperthermia - the work of Australian cancer expert Dr. John Holt

John Holt has retired.  Whilst we are told that his work has now been taken over by Hugh Tinsley in Ireland, we are currently checking whether Hugh Tinsley is following John Holt’s protocol or whether he has changed it in any way. 
There is no-one else continuing with Holt’s work, to our knowledge, here or abroad.
We will update this information as soon as we have any further clarification.

Radio waves

In November 2004, the Minister for Health and Ageing in Australia, Tony Abbott asked the National Health and Medical Research Council to review the effectiveness of radio waves as a cancer therapy. In particular he asked them to look at the work of Dr. John Holt, the former head of Western Australia’s main Cancer Institute.

The report was due on December 21st. Unfortunately the council appointed could not prepare the report on time as it had received over 250 submissions from both patients and doctors claiming the treatment was a success.

Quite correctly it wants to review all the claims in detail but of course, this has simply slowed down the whole review to near stand still.

Dr. John Holt

Dr. John Holt was born in Bristol, England some 80 years ago. He is a GP, Gynaecologist, Obstetrician, Radiologist, Surgeon, and more. He was in charge of Western Australia’s Cancer Institute for more than a decade, until the late 70’s.

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Dr. Holt is now 80 and still runs his cancer clinic which is fully booked five months in advance. However he plans to retire in June 2005 and, as yet, has no-one to succeed him in Australia, although a former colleague hopes to set up a treatment centre in Ireland.

On 17th May 2004 Dr. John Holt visited the Dublin Institute of Technology - Kevin Street, to meet with Dr Hugh Tinsley (GP) and Mr Victor Thorne of the School of Electronic and Communications Engineering.

Victor Thorne has been associated with the late Professor Douglas Thornes in the use of radio waves as a means of producing hyperthermia in cancer therapy. This work was carried out in Dublin’s St Laurence’s Hospital - now Beaumont Hospital. Hopefully John Holt’s work will not end when he retires.

Dr. Holt’s Treatment?

Open quotesHolt does not claim it works every time, but it is non-invasive, inexpensive and the theory behind it is soundClose quotes

In simple terms, Dr. Holt gives the patient an injection of a glucose-blocking agent (glucose is the favourite food of cancer cells). This may be glutathione, cystein or another natural agent. He then directs radio waves of a specific frequency into the infected area. Usually, the tumour cells liquefy.

Holt does not claim it works every time, but it is non-invasive, inexpensive and the theory behind it is sound.

The Science?

Cancer cells feed on glucose, and without the involvement of any oxygen, produce lactic acid. This is broken down in the liver to form glucose, which recycles and feeds the cancer cell. The cancer has thus taken over the parent, host organism.

When glucose is present with oxygen in a normal cell, it stimulates normal cell division. Not so with a cancer cell which thrives without oxygen.

If the glucose can be cut off from the cancer cell, the only remaining glucose will be that inside the cancer cell.

In 1973 Holt discovered that Ultra High Frequency Radio waves (at 434 MHz) were used throughout Europe to stimulate repair, wound healing and fracture healing. They also stimulate normal cell division in the presence of oxygen.

Holt thus reasoned that by using sound waves of this frequency on the infected area, the normal cells would merely divide while the cancer cells would die if they could be starved of glucose.

Therapy method

Open quotesThe treatment period is three weeks, five days per weekClose quotes

An intravenous injection of glucose blocking agents is given quickly through a vein or intravenous line. The blocking agents used are cystine and oxidised glutathione plus other similar amifno acids in their fully oxdised state. The cancer cell is ’fooled’ into absorbing them rather than oxygen. The UHF radiation encourages their uptake, the glucose is used up or ’burnt’ by the blocking agent’s oxygen and the cancer cell dies.

The treatment period is three weeks, five days per week and the infusion of blocking agent takes 15 minutes followed immediately by 20-25 minutes of UHF therapy using a radio wave machine directed at the infected area or to the whole body.

Side effects and complications

UHF causes resonance in cancer cells and this produces heat. The cancer cells re-radiate this heat (fluorescence) and even normal cells can heat up. This can cause a little discomfort.

The only other side effect is that people with thalassaemia, a rare blood disorder, cannot have the therapy as it makes them anaemic.

In 1 to 2 per cent of patients some brain glucose starvation is possible. This can be avoided by eating red meat beforehand for the methionine content.

Open quotesNo supplementation of vitamins A, C, E and selenium or other antioxidants is allowed as these render the treatment ineffectiveClose quotes

No supplementation of vitamins A, C, E and selenium or other antioxidants is allowed as these render the treatment ineffective.

Smoking is also contra-indicated and the treatment cannot commence for several weeks after smoking has ceased.

Finally, a major contra-indication is chemotherapy. Either current or past. Dr Holt is quite adamant about this. Indeed he questions the logic, at the cellular level, of many chemotherapy ’poisons’, as he calls them.


Full haematology and monitoring takes place and treatment is given only as an out-patient. A three week course costs about 2,500, plus flights, hotels etc.

Contact Dr John Holt Clinic on + 61 8 9322 3544 or www.drholtsupport.com - although as we said above it looks like he is planning to retire, and his therapy may retire with him.

Using Heat to Kill Cancer
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