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Dr Andrew Tresidder  

Dr Andrew Tresidder, Dr Andrew Tresidder, a Somerset GP for over 20 years, is a keen teacher of health. He recognises that health for the individual mirrors that of society and its attitudes to food and nutrition, its exposure to chemical and electromagnetic load, as well as the natural environment we live in. His special interests are the emotional aspects of health, in essence "What Makes Us Tick and How to Tick Better’. He teaches about tools that can help us develop the best of ourselves such as Bach and other flower essences and Finger acupressure.

As a GP, he also has educational roles in Somerset and with the University of Bristol and has an interest in the developing field of Physician Health.

He was delighted to be asked to be a patron, because he strongly believes in CANCERactive’s approach to cancer treatments and prevention. He believes that prevention is better than cure and information is key to helping people help themselves.

To read Dr Andrews article on Bachs Flowers Remedies click here.


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