Death risk from chemo, four times worse than previously thought

Death risk from chemo, four times worse than previously thought

Public Health, England has concluded that more people die from chemotherapy drugs than previously thought. Their research looked at 23,000 breast cancer and 10,000 lung cancer patients, and was published in the Lancet.

Patients were studied in two categories: ’Was the chemo trying to cure?’ Or, ’Was it late stage palliative?’

In the Palliative group 7.5% of breast and 10% of lung cancer patients died within 30 days of receiving the drugs.

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Where the drugs were provided to cure, the figure was 0.25% for breast and 2.9% for lung cancer. The figures varied greatly by region, and by hospital. Some hospitals on small bases reached a staggering 50 per cent.

Dr. Jem Rashbass, head of Oncology for PHE, said that Chemotherapy is a powerful medication with significant side-effects such as the risk of heart or lung problems later in life. “This is why it’s concerning to see the risk of death from chemo aimed at curing lung cancer, is almost 4 times higher than previously thought.”
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