Q: I have recently had a lumpectomy following the finding of calcium deposits in a milk duct, coupled with the presence of a tumour waiting to be coated in calcium deposits. The only way this was found was through a mammogram. I had no idea until this date. I am 64 relatively fit and healthy - but very concerned about the presence of oestrogen in water supplies. I intend to conduct some research re oestrogen and will advise you of my findings.
A: The US breast cancer symposium a few years back had the professor from UCLA stand up and say 50 per cent of diagnosis from mammograms were ductal, and only 20 per cent of those were actually cancers. The rest were calcium deposits in the ducts. And these might never become breast cancer.

This claim would fit very well with other findings, like women with breast cancer having low omega 3 (fish oil), vitamin D and magnesium levels. Also the Karolinska charted cows’ dairy consumption and the more consumed, the greater the risk of breast cancer.

There is some evidence that DCIS can be very aggressive, but if you cut cows’s dairy completely, and boosted fish oil, magnesium, Vitamin D3 levels and took light daily exercise, you might at least be giving yourself a decent ’insurance’ policy option.

Fish oils along with curcumin, resveratrol, garlic and ginger and also a 75 mg aspirin have all been shown to reduce Cox-2 and cellular inflammation and irritation in research.

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