Daniel Field, patron of CANCERactive.

If you are an adult, chances are, cancer has touched your life in some way.
My first experience with cancer was when I was aged 16. My grandmother, whom I was very close to, was in hospital with terminal cancer of the colon. Her two sons, my father and my uncle, were obviously beside themselves with worry. We were in Charing Cross Hospital in Hammersmith where my uncle worked as Director of Research for The Imperial Cancer Research Fund, (Now Cancer Research UK) and this was where my grandmother was to actually die. Sadly, that same uncle then lost his wife, my aunt, to cancer. She also worked as a researcher for Cancer Research UK.
At 23, I was rushed into hospital with a haemorrhage from my bowel. I experienced a month of fear before I found out it wasn’t cancer but something unrelated.
At 30, my father was diagnosed with Stage 2 cancer of the colon. He survives to this day.
At 35, my brother’s son, then aged 7 was diagnosed with AML, a form of Leukaemia, from which he died aged 9. Six months before my nephew died, my mother was diagnosed with advanced Ovarian Cancer. She died a year later.
At 38, I experienced rectal bleeding again and this time I was diagnosed with cancer of the Sigmoid Colon. This was treated holistically (spiritual healing) and incredibly I experienced spontaneous remission. This was clinically documented and went before the Select Committee on Preventive Health. It was at this point I started to investigate a cancer preventive lifestyle and eventually created a Cancer Prevention website, which I closed down once I discovered CANCERactive were doing a far better job and was delighted to accept their invitation to become a Patron.
I am a hair and skin product formulator and have researched the use of safer, purer ingredients. It is my belief that many chemicals used in hairdressing can weaken our immune system. As a working hairdresser I have become renowned for my low and no toxin approach to hair colouring and hair care. I also have a salon, Daniel Field Organic and Mineral Hairdressing www.danielfield.net where I see cancer patients both during and post treatment. My safe and pure haircare range is called Amara and is available at www.chriswoollams4health.com and my safe and pure face and body care products are equally suitable for those reducing their toxic load to aid cancer prevention as well as those undergoing and post cancer treatment.

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