Dangers that surround us

Dangers that surround us

Fifty per cent of cancers in the UK are not your fault.

Environmental Dangers and Cancer Prevention

Im talking about Environmental toxins, toxic, dangerous and hazardous chemicals and even drugs and cocktails of drugs, pesticides, EMFs, chemicals that cause cancer directly like dioxins and others that do it indirectly by creating more oestrogen in your body (xenoestrogens), or weakening your immune system. You need to know all about the risks if you ewant to prevent cancer and build yourself the best Cancer Prevention Programme possible. 

Let me explain. Our beloved UK Government, along with Health bodies and one of the large cancer bodies has told us through the mass media, that 50 per cent of cancers are your own fault. Poor Diet, a lazy lifestyle, too much alcohol, smoking, too much sunshine etc. Even if I agreed with this simplistic assessment (which I dont), I have to say, Well what causes the other 50 per cent of cancers?

And on this subject the Powers that Be are strangely silent. Look up Environmental Toxins on most cancer web sites. You will find a couple of paragraphs about asbestos. But what of pesticides (left out of the UK Government White Paper on cancer causes), or chemicals in Household or toiletry products, or Mobile phones, masts and WiFi? What about chemicals like formaldehyde or BPA, banned by other nations but available on the shelves of your UK supermarket?

Nowhere is our Precautionary Stance more relevant than in this section. The Government already urges a precautionary stance on the use of mobile phones with our young, but is behind the actions taken by Governments from France to Taiwan. You will see that we have grouped a number of articles on Mobile Phones, Masts and Wifi together - they could be called Electromagnetic smog  - and people would be well advised to take a precautionary stance across this whole area until more definitive answers have been obtained.
Then we have the whole issue of pesticides, chemicals and toxins in the home - we have put it under the heading of Chemical World. The EU has been very active in this area, but despite their work on Pesticides little action has been noted in the UK. The EMPs also voted to take a firm line to restrict certain suspect chemicals widely available in personal and household products - some ingredients are actually banned in countries like Japan. The same story reoccurs here - the UK powers and official cancer industry seem to steadfastly refuse to acknowledge that there is even an issue. Of course, the cynics amongst you will claim this is due to  vested interests with so many of the companies making the chemicals, pesticides, toiletries and cleaners also being the same ones that work hand in hand with the cancer bodies and Government to develop the potential chemical cures.
Finally, we try to provide an insight into why activists are so concerned. Many of these EMFs and chemicals (called xeno-estrogens) have been proven to dramatically alter your natural hormone levels, and thereafter cellular communication, genetic replication and even cellular oxygen levels. The major disrupter in the Hormone Effect  is usually oestrogen (the female sex hormone), a hormone known to fuel the fire of cancer not just in women but in males too. But there are others - like melatonin (or rather the lack of it) which plays a role in the prevention, or development of cancer.

CANCERactive is a truly independent charity, with no vested interests. We adopt the Precautionary Principle to cancer prevention - that where there is expert research expressing concern, we feel you should know about it.

We have stated repeatedly that we believe cancer is rarely caused by a single factor, just as we believe that there is no such thing as a single cure for cancer. We believe cancer is a multi-step process. Any number of factors could be playing a part. So you need to know about these factors if you are serious about preventing cancer.

Dangers that surround us
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