Dairy products increase prostate cancer progression

Dairy products increase prostate cancer progression

The consumption of milk and dairy products increase prostate cancer progression and probably help cause the cancer according to a meta-review of literature by scientists at the University of Lisbon.

Researchers from the European University of Lisbon took 21 research studies meeting their quality criteria and showed that milk and dairy products have an effect on both mTOR and IGF-1 in the progression of prostate cancer(1). However, the researchers felt the evidence was limited. Intake of milk products seemed to be related to IGF-1 promotion and the increase of mTORC signalling pathways, and persistent hyperactivation of mTORC was linked to prostate cancer promotion.

They also felt but could not prove that not all dairy products were equal in their effects and this could vary by species.

While they observed clear links between dairy consumption and progression, the effect on cause was present but less strong.

The researchers highlighted the inconsistency of available research noting that while there are studies which linked milk consumption in adolescence with greater prostate cancer risk later in life (2); and others (3) linking dairy consumption with greater mortality, some make no such links.

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