Daily exercise shown to reduce breast, prostate and colorectal cancer mortality

2014 Research

Light daily physical activity such as daily walks can increase survival and reduce the risk of dying from cancer. Exercise has many benefits and time and time again it has been shown to prevent cancer, and increase survival if you already have the disease. Exercise can even keep you cancer free and prevent a cancer returning (Click Here). Light Daily exercise is crucial for every person with cancer. 

Now a study by MacMillan and the ‘UK Ramblers Association’ has showed that prostate cancer patients who walked for 20 minutes a day reduced risk of dying by 40%. With breast cancer patients research gave the same result but the exercise needed to be more vigorous leaving the patient slightly out of breath.


The level of intensity required, increased further for colorectal cancer patients: Doing about six hours a week (walking about 18 miles in total) of moderate intensity exercise can reduce their risk of dying from the disease by up to 50%.

"For cancer patients, physical activity can not only reduce the risk of dying or the cancer coming back, but it can also help to manage some of the devastating side-effects of treatment, such as swelling, fatigue or anxiety," said Ciaran Devane, Macmillan’s chief executive.

Report: Exercise is a powerful anti-cancer drug

At CANCERactive, we’ve been telling you how ‘light daily exercise increases survival rates’ for ten years, but it is rewarding to see mass market charities now stating this too. Perhaps Cancer Research UK will soon stop saying that increased survival rates are all down to earlier diagnosis and better drugs! But we doubt it.

Exercise is a powerful drug with strong hormonal epigenetic benefits. – without the side-effects!


2014 Research
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