Daily aspirin increases risk of melanoma in men

Daily aspirin increases risk of melanoma in men

Researchers at Northwestern University, Chicago followed 195,140 patients data from Northwestern Memorial Hospital across a 5-year period, and found that those men who took a daily aspirin for at least a year, had an 154% increased risk of melanoma.

There was no increase amongst women. The 1,187 aspirin-exposed patients had a 2.19% increase, compared with those who did not take aspirin of 0.86%.

Dr. Beatrice Nardone, who was the lead author, said the team were surprised at the results especially since it was well researched that a daily small aspirin (75-81 mg) could reduce the risk of gastric, colon, prostate and breast cancer and was known to lower heart attack risk.

Although not at all clear, the researchers hypothesised that men had fewer protective enzymes in their skin.

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