Curcumin inhibits metastases in prostate cancer

A research team from the Ludwig-Maximilians University in Munich, Germany has shown that curcumin can inhibit the formation of metastases in prostate cancer tissues and other cancer lines such as breast cancer, as well.

This finding is very important for prostate cancer patients. Prostate cancer normally progresses very slowly and as long as it does not metastasise, it can be controlled through food choices and light daily exercise for example.

In her previous studies Dr. Beatrice Bachmeier demonstrated that curcumin significantly reduces the incidence of metastases to the lungs in breast cancer patients.

Both prostate and breast cancer lines are associated with an increase in the pro-inflammatory cytokines, CXCL 1 and CXCL 2, and are believed to spread throughout the body to other organs and tissues through the release of these chemical messengers.

The study team found that curcumin can alter the expression of these two damaging proteins and thus directly inhibit the metastatic spread of prostate cancer cells. Dr. Bachmeier concluded of the current and past studies on cancer cell propagation: "Due to the action of curcumin, the tumor cells synthesize smaller amounts of cytokines that promote metastasis... as a consequence, the frequency of metastasis formation in the lungs is significantly reduced, in animals with breast cancer, as we showed previously, or carcinoma of the prostate, as demonstrated in our new study."

This study clearly demonstrates the importance of natural compounds such as curcumin to prevent the development and spread of both prostate and breast cancer lines through metastasis. Curcumin is known to have proven ’epigenetic’ benefits - in that it can reverse damage caused to the surrounds of the geneome and reverse the inhibition of gene expression.
The study authors indicated that up to eight grams per day of supplemental curcumin can be used safely.  
(Source Natural News: click here).
October - December Cancer Watch 2012
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