COPES (Cervical, Ovarian, Perennial, Endometrial Support)


This group,as the name suggests, supports people affected by  Cervial, Ovarian, Perineal or Endometrial cancer. they meet on 1st Saturday of every month in the Women’s Clinic Nightingale Cente, Southend Hospital from 10-1p.m.  Free refreshments.  Clinical Nurse Specialist always in attendance for advice and support.  Two fully trained qualified complementary therapist nurses are in attendance.  They provide reflexology, massage, facials, reiki and acupuncture.  Also have a trained yoga instructor offering a relaxation session.  Emma Azeem and Rachael Keenan are the gynaecology/oncology Clinical Nurse Specialists at the Hospital.  One of them will be in attendance at the support group to offer information and support as required.


Phone: Emma Azeem: 01702 617592 

Email:  [email protected]

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