Confused about cancer?

August 29th 2016


Confused about cancer?
Let’s clear a few things up, shall we?

My post bag is always full. Several themes are recurring - "How can bone broth be so good, when glutamate is so bad for you?" And, " My doctor tells me not to take supplements - they do nothing". And another is, "Why did I get cancer - I run marathons, I’m so fit?’ Another is a real concern: ’Are my oncologist’s treatments making me sicker?’

So, here we offer especially for our readers, a little clarity in a world of darkness and confusion.

Stay ahead. Know what’s new. Don’t die of ignorance. Chris Woollams

1. Glutamine vs Glutamate

You are told Bone Broth is healthy; but doesn’t one main ingredient cause cancer? You really must read this.

2. "I don’t want you taking any supplements"

Doctors tell you this, don’t they? Would it surprise you to know that a scientist at America’s National Cancer Institute thinks otherwise - that foods can beat the most difficult cancers and you should use quality supplements. But which ones?

3. "I’m confused - I’m doing so much, but am I missing important things?"

Building programmes to best fight cancer - 6 years or more ago, no one really knew anything except by reading icon. Now everybody reads all the articles and they do too much. Time and time again, I talk to people who are spending a fortune and trying everything. Yet they are missing out the important things they will help them rebuild their health.

And so, every month, I buddy a few people who need some help. I spend time with them, explaining. I tell them what is most relevant to their cancer, their lifestyle, and their needs. And, do you know what, more often than not, it works! Cancer is not rocket science - you just have to cover the bases.

4. "Exercise is always great for you"

Well, yes exercise is very important if you have cancer. But excess can actually be bad. Here are the main benefits. Some will surprise you. You see, exercise is a powerful DRUG.

There is even research for breast, colorectal and prostate cancers on how much you should do to reduce your mortality risk? And it’s not a huge amount.

5. The Diet that prevents type-2 diabetes, cardiovascular risk and breast and colon cancer

A couple of years ago, I had two research studies on our website. One said this diet was BETTER than the standard doctor recommendations for type-2 diabetes; the other said it was BETTER at preventing heart attacks than Doctors’ recommendations. The UK Advertising Standards Authority made me take the statement down. Apparently some quack skeptic had complained. Well I can assure you this research is back on our site now!!! No quack should stop you knowing this.

This diet uniquely reduces cancer mortality by 14%. That’s one in seven people with cancer reading this!

6. Worried about your bones?

Osteoporosis is a fear to people as they age, or to people undergoing cancer treatment. Interestingly there’s a new understanding on which vitamin may be important.

We also include 6 tips to strengthen your bones naturally.

7. Special Report: Chronic Inflammation - the three causes

Chronic Inflammation is the precursor to ALL chronic illness, especially cancer. Yet few people understand it, especially Doctors whose ’treatments’ largely make matters worse. In this article we explain what it is all about.

Everybody needs to read this - it concerns every chronic illness from Arthritis to Heart disease, and Diabetes to Dementia - the same rules apply.

8. Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer

Would you like to know the most important questions to ask before you agree to radiotherapy? Or surgery? Or chemotherapy? Would you like a review of each of the biggest cancers, or a review of the top alternative therapies? Or the best herbs? Or the best natural compounds? Or supplements?

It is ALL in the book. It was written to put it all in one place and save you months of chasing round the Internet reading reviews that are sometimes pure rubbish. No wonder people call this book ’My bible’. It certainly lives up to its title. If you have cancer, this is your essential guide.

Please pass this e news and the links on to people you know who would appreciate more information like this.

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