Complementary and Integrative Medicine in cancer

"It is naive to believe that a single drug can cure cancer".
It’s another of our beliefs at CANCERactive - and again this statement came in a cancer article from a group of three top American oncologists led by Henry S. Friedman MD. one of America’s top oncologists.
We would actually go further. We know of no single treatment - drug, radiotherapy, vitamin, diet, whatever - that can ’cure’ cancer. It is naive to talk about any one treatment as a ’cure’ for cancer. 
But that is not to say cancer cannot be cured or put permanently into remission. We definitely believe it can. We have always believed that the best way to tackle cancer was through building a tailored programme using complementary and emerging treatments, not just orthodox ones. Which ones and in what balance depends on the patient and the state of their cancer.
It’s called Complementary and Integrative Oncology, or CIM.
Increasing survival by building a Complementary and Integrative Programme
In 2012 The American Cancer Society published a report stating that, since 2006, there had been an explosion in research into Complementary therapies and that there was overwhelming evidence that certain of them - such as diet, weight control and exercise - can increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning.
Also in 2012 Dr. Young S. Kim of the National Cancer Institute, was researching cancer stem cells. They lie at the heart of all cancers and no drug known to man, kills them. She said that drugs could reduce the size of tumours but that a poor diet would make the cancer grow again. But, a good diet including crucial bioactive compounds can prevent the cancer returning - and you could even take these compounds as quality supplements!
Enlightened Medicine
A decade ago in the UK, no one really used complementary or alternative therapies. Now they use too many, whilst missing the crucial things they need to tackle.  That’s why, at CANCERactive, you can have a chat with Chris Woollams and he will help you through the maze, helping you build a programme tailored to you, your needs and your lifestyle. It’s called a Personal Prescription. 

Go to: Personal Prescriptions - increasing your personal odds of survival

With all cancers and cancer treatments, there are statistics - and we don’t want you to be the norm. We want you to be better than that. So at CANCERactive, we provide ALL the information in a balanced way so you can make more informed PERSONAL choices and so increase your odds of beating cancer.
Nothing more, nothing less.

In some centres in America, building such ’Complementary and Integrative Programmes’ leads the thinking in cancer treatment. ’Enlightened Medicine’ is how top oncologist Dr Henry Friedman described it. And we totally agree. Go to MD Anderson, Sloan-Kettering and many other cancer centres to see that they talk of Complementary and Integrative Medicine (CIM) and some 37% of such Medical Centres talk of treating ’Mind, Body and Soul’, in their mission statements.
Unfortunately, not all Western Oncologists or Cancer Centres are that enlightened.
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