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Colon Cancer Concern (CCC) is a major national charity dedicated solely to colorectal cancer (cancer of the large bowel). Over 33,000 people are diagnosed with this form of cancer annually in the UK, and it is the second biggest cause of cancer fatalities.

Yet, it is highly treatable if caught in the earlier stages of development.

CCC has taken a lead in assisting people to make fully informed decisions and choices about their treatment, management, care and support. This is fundamental in todays health climate where shared decision-making between healthcare professionals, patients and their carers is fast becoming the norm.

Bowel Cancer Forum

This CCC inititiative is a collaboration of ten national charities. Their Awareness Month this year focused on the patient experience and ran a series of national Patient Parties as part of their awareness-raising activities. The parties gave patients an opportunity to talk about their experiences and discuss how colorectal services could be improved in their area. This information will help us to identify patient needs, region by region and to develop a stronger CCC presence around the UK.


Open quotesIt is highly treatable if caught in the earlier stages of developmentClose quotes

CCCs lnfoline is expanding. In the spring we moved it into larger premises and will soon have enough staff available to man the phones from 8 till 8 every weekday. This will enable us to meet the increased demand anticipated as a result of all the new initiatives and as a consequence of us actively seeking referrals from NHS Direct

Public Affairs

This year CCC is liaising directly with the Government and opposition parties, the NHS, and other key political audiences. We are using these links to raise awareness of the various issues surrounding colorectal cancer and to inform these audiences about what we are doing to combat the disease. Above all, we are seeking to ensure that colorectal cancer becomes a priority particularly in terms of increasing the choice and availability of treatments and services for patients across the UK.

Colon Cancer Concern
Address: 9 Rickett St, London, SW6 1RU
lnfoline: 08708 50 60 50

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