Chris Woollams - Man on a Mission

Chris Woollams - Man on a Mission

In 2002 and 2003 Chris Woollams was repeatedly dubbed ’A Man on a Mission’ by the British Press. He had tried to help his daughter Catherine who had been diagnosed with a grade IV glioblastoma and the prognosis was dire.

Both he and Catherine searched the world for treatments that might help her. And, in what was a genuine surprise - they found many. The Truth was that there were complementary and even some alternative, or new, emerging therapies with quality research studies to support them. However, all too often, the research was covered in a science journal and then forgotten about; especially if the treatment was a non-patentable compound, like vitamin D, omega 3 or curcumin, or Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy.

The Truth about Cancer

But, if treatments exist that can increase your odds of survival, or simply extend your survival time for a few months more, but people don’t know about them, then patients aren’t so much dying of cancer - they are dying of ignorance. And this is terrible.

And so Chris and Catherine (with the help of Chris’ cousin Lindsey Fealey) set out to do something about this. Their mission was to bring the Truth to people - quality information in an easy-to-understand (non-doctorspeak), easy-to-use (empowering) way. In schools and in hospitals.

Slowly but surely, others joined the mission - people who wanted to make smarter, personal choices about their own lives and treatment. The movement was born and has continued to thrive in Catherine’s memory since 2006.


Interestingly since that time,

  * In 20012, The American Cancer Society produced a report talking of an ’explosion’ in research into complementary therapies since 2006, and ’overwhelming evidence that good diet, weight control and exercise could increase survival and even prevent a cancer returning.

  * In 2012 it was confirmed that Cancer Stem Cells existed at the heart of every cancer - and the inconvenient ruth was that no drug exists that can kill them off.

  * Also in 2012, Dr. Young S. Kim of the National Cancer Institute showed that a poor diet would cause Cancer Stem Cells to regrow; but a good diet (including certain bioactive compounds that she named) would stop that re-growth. She told patients that they could obtain these compounds - like sulforaphanes, curcumin  and EGCG (from Green Tea) in quality supplements.

  * By 2015 a meta-study (September 2015 Cancer Watch) showed that a good number of bioactive food compounds had clear effects against cancer. This is part of the new Science of Epigenetics.

  * UCLA in 2013 produced a report showing that people with cancer who actively ’managed’ their Stress survived significantly longer - their report included clinical trial data and recommended employing, ’A colourful Mediterranean Diet, fish oils, Yoga and Meditation’ and the four most important treatment components.

   * We have also provided the evidence from research on glucose and High Fructose Corn Syrup, and mass-market cows’ dairy as causes and on-going drivers of cancer. We presented research more than ten years ago on the importance of a healthy microbiome, and how damages to the population of bacteria in your gut caused illnesses and even cancer, a prime cause of this damage is your doctors’ drugs and antibiotics. All the latest research confirms we were right on all counts.

All this is nothing new to us. These factors and more were available to patients who read CANCERactive ten years ago. Other cancer charities are catching up, or still in denial.

Why do we lead the way? Because we have absolutely no vested interests - and so we tell the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but THe Truth about cancer.

Chris Woollams, Founder CANCERactive
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