Chris Woollams

Chris Woollams

Chris Woollams: Cancer researcher, Britain’s leading writer on cancer, Editor icon magazine, Founder CANCERactive.

’Are you the Cancer Guru who helped Geoffrey Boycott beat his cancer?’

Thus started an e mail from a Doctor to Chris in 2007. Chris does not think of himself in these terms. He is a cancer researcher on a mission to bring people the Truth so they can increase their odds of survival. 

Everyday he receives mailings from cancer centres all over the world and he takes the most relevant and feeds them into Cancer Watch, the research centre for CANCERactive. He is also the most prolific writer on the subject of cancer in the UK, and he is Editor of the unique icon magazine (Integrated Cancer and Oncology News) that seems to be loved by cancer patients and nurses alike.

’What Chris doesn’t know about cancer, just isn’t worth knowing. I’d love to see him on TV with a panel of oncologists he’d run rings round them. His knowledge and understanding of cancer and his memory of research and facts are second to none’. This is the view of co-founder of CANCERactive, Lindsey Fealey. But many people who know Chris would agree.

"Frankly I get angry when people say there is no research on complementary or alternative therapies. They are just too lazy to look, or they are closed-minded bigots. Either way, they can come between a cancer patient in need, and a good solid research study from the Karolinska that localised hyperthermia can disssolve away breast cancer tumours. And that is just plain Quackery. These ’Nay sayers’ are dangerous. They put lives at risk", says Chris.


Here is his formal CV. If you want to know more about his work, click here. If you want to read an interview with him, click here.

Chris Woollams

After leaving Watford Grammar School, where he was head boy, Chris went to Oxford University and read Biochemistry, including a time in cancer research.

He then took a 22 year ’sabbatical’ in the world of advertising, rising to MD of Publicis in London when he was just 31. He became the youngest ever Advertising Chairman of a multi-national communication group at Ted Bates 3 years later. He was promoted first to the European, then the worldwide boards - Ted Bates was the third largest Ad agency in the world. Whilst creative director of Ted Bates they created the ’Ain’t no Mountain high enough’ campaign for DHL. It ran, worldwide, for 16 years. His name is on a number of creative awards from Corning to HP foods.

In 1986 Saatchi and Saatchi bought Ted Bates and asked Chris to run their company as joint chairman, but instead he set up his own. In 1995, with 9 companies and 74 clients (from Virgin to BMW, WH Smiths to Freemans, the L&G, RAC and Fedex) he put the company onto the stock market and a year later retired claiming he was ’past his sell-by date’. He had helped launch new companies like Norwich Union Healthcare and Mercury One-to-One, even joining their boards.

From 1995 until 2001 he worked as a Management consultant with a diverse group of companies such as Norwich Union, Sony, BAT, Virgin Active Health Clubs and others. In parallel he pursued his personal interest in health, studying nutrition, health and fitness and body energy systems.

In 2001 his daughter Catherine (then 22) was diagnosed with a grade 4 malignant brain tumour and given just 6 months to live. Chris then devoted his life to trying to save hers, and in so doing accidentally built a new life for himself! From the very outset, he was on a mission to bring the Truth to people about cancer, without vested interest, propaganda or the medical mythology that abounds in the Western world.

Chris in RussiaChris now speaks all over the world on cancer and cancer prevention. For example, he has spoken in the USA, Australia, Germany, Russia, Israel and Japan (to 28,000 people, no less) in the past 4 years. He has toured extensively throughout the UK, speaking in hospitals and cancer clinics, to cancer care groups, at The National Brain Tumour Conference, at Primary Care 2006, at the National Cancer Prevention Conference (2005) and in schools to both children and Mums.

Chris is still involved in the business world and is listed in Debrett’s People of Today and International business’ Who’s Who’.

He plays sport, golf and chess when he has a free moment! Chris lives in Hua Hin Thailand - CANCERactive is a virtual cancer charity.

He has a wife, Min, and four children, Georgina (31), Stephanie (29), Ben (20) and his last fling, Harry (6) plus a step-daughter, Pias. He is proud of them all. He remains a member of the RAC club in the UK, a member of Royal Mougins Golf and country club in Cannes, France and Springfield Royal Golf resort, Hua Hin, Thailand. He is also a member of the Confrerie de Tastevin.

He was made a Freeman of the City of London in 2008.

Chris is a philanthropist too - he has donated considerable sums of money to charity plus all the world-wide profit from his highly successful books to date. He sits on other group boards in the Far East and has been involved in the UK steering group on EMFs, and is a patron of several charities seeking to protect children from toxins and EMFs.  


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