Chemotherapy and constipation

Chemotherapy and cancer drugs

Chemotherapy and constipation

A great number of cancer patients undergoing orthodox cancer treatments such as chemotherapy suffer from constipation. Radiotherapy on the lower abdomen (for example for endometrial, or womb cancer often has a similar effect).

This leads them to their doctor who will prescribe effective drugs. 

But why not consider inexpensive and natural alternatives for yourself. Eating prunes or figs, in the fresh or dried form, is effective and nutritious. Prune juice is another option.


The use of psyllium seeds or linseeds is something few people know about. In the morning you can make ’home made’ muesli by taking oats, nuts, raisins, chopped fruits along with organic pumpkin and sunflower seeds. Add to these a heaped tablespoon of, say, linseeds and cover with rice or soya milk. Drink a glass of water as well. You should end up as regular as clockwork!

And you will be giving yourself heaps of nourishment at the start of your day.

You can buy prune juice and linseeds from any good health food store.

There is also clear evidence that daily exercise can help prevent constipation - especially exercise which involes the use of the abdominal muscles. But then there is research showing that people who take daily exercise (of about 20 minutes - it doesn’t have to be strenuous) actually survive longer.

Linseeds - or flax, or flaxseed - are also an excellent source of Omega-3. You might like to read the foillowing, both of which you may find helpful in fighting cancer (just click on the links):

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Chemotherapy and cancer drugs
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