Chakras, body energy and cancer- part 1

Stress Management aids cancer survival


Here we explain Chakras, body energy and ’energy medicine’, or energetic healing and how problems have been proven to make you sick and are even linked to cancer; we also cover how people with cancer may benefit.  

Go to: Part 2 and information on the different chakras

Atomic man (or woman)

Your emotions, your body energy, your cellular health, are all linked.

And you cannot beat cancer without attending to them all. (writes Chris Woollams)

Next time you look in a mirror, remember this. You are looking at a body which is at least 95 per cent air! "Surely not. I’m solid. I have bones. I bleed."

Actually what you are looking at is zillions of atoms, each with electrons spinning around a nucleus just as the Earth spins around the Sun. In between lies an air mass, far greater in size than the size of the planets.

Atoms join forces with other atoms. They build into molecules, and the molecules form your bodily structure, which reflects light and this is what you are capable of seeing. You just cannot see the atoms and their neutrons and electrons.

Some atoms attract other atoms. Some atoms repel other atoms. There are forces, electrical forces, at work between them.

Every second of every day you exchange atoms with the universe around you; in obvious ways like breathing in or out, eating, drinking and excreting. And in not so obvious ways. Your energy heats your environment. If you hold an ice cube for long enough it melts. As Newton said, "Energy can neither be created nor destroyed!" Your body energy has to go somewhere.

Open quotesSome atoms attract other atoms - some atoms repel other atomsClose quotes

This constant exchange of atoms with your universe results in a completely new you every 90 days or so. Zillions of new atoms replacing the zillions of old ones. A constant movement; a continuous energy flow.

And that’s the difference between you and the chair you are sitting on. It too is made of atoms and molecules. But there is no flow of energetic force between the electrons in the chair.

This "life force" in your body is call "chi" in Chinese medicine. For over 500 years the Chinese have understood that our life force constantly interacts with other energetic atoms. The Japanese call the same principles "ki", the Indians "prana".

Despite the principles of Newtonian physics being known for several hundred years, the Western medical establishment resolutely ignored them until only recently. This, sadly, has resulted in doctors being trained as little more than clever mechanics. "You have a limp, a bad hip. We can give you a new plastic one. You’ve poisoned your liver? We can give you somebody else’s. Better still in the future we can clone you, and give you a replacement liver, all of your very own."

And herein lies the conflict and the fundamental distrust of these "ethereal" Chinese and Indian views of medicine. Western science is about quantity, about supposedly hard facts, about proof. About doing what we know best and avoiding things we don’t understand.

While Russians were developing an ability to photograph your body energy, Americans were trying to weigh it! (They succeeded - it weighs about 2.4 ounces!).

Open quotesWestern science is about quantity, about supposedly hard facts, 
                                                                        about proofClose quotes

But this is sad because we live in a world where science, rather than medicine, holds that Newton and Einstein have "cracked it". We have a universe held together by energetic forces and magnetic fields. We know planets pull other planets towards them and stars implode to form black holes, but we don’t ask our doctors to think that the liver you are receiving from the sadly departed gentleman from Manchester might be arriving complete with his own electrical and magnetic forces too!

Just as our atoms attract and repel each other, so our bodies reflect this in flows of energy. Western medicine understands we have nerves along which there is electrical stimulation. At school budding 14-year-old scientists put small currents through wires and surround them with iron filings. The iron filings neatly form themselves into a magnetic field. Why then is it then so hard for doctors to understand you or I have a magnetic field around us?

The National Cancer Institute has over 30 pages of information on energy therapies for cancer patients

Moreover you have nerve endings in your fingertips. You can put your finger tips onto a photographic plate and, using a system discovered thirty years or so ago by Kirlian in Russia, take a picture, which clearly shows your nerve endings and the aura (or energetic field) coming off them. I know, I’ve seen mine and from this picture an Austrian Scientist who knew nothing of me, told me my medical history; accurately!

Moreover he even told me my emotional state, my work history and how I’d changed my life from high-powered businessman to a calmer (!) healthier state.

The Chinese told the West that the energy forces were not confined to the nervous system, but flowed in meridians around the body. The West couldn’t find these or measure them and so dismissed them. At first.

Open quotesThere has been a gradual acceptance of some of the disciplines as medically helpfulClose quotes

But two things happened. Firstly a lot of "alternative health workers" in the West started studying Eastern energy beliefs.


Although often dismissed as cranks, there has been a gradual acceptance of some of the disciplines as medically helpful (for example, the NHS accepts acupuncture) if not an acceptance of the logic or science (what science?) behind them. Secondly, during the cold war when the Russians started playing around with body energy systems, the American military and space programmes responded.

Barbara Ann Brennan, whose book Hands of Light goes in depth into the magnetic fields around your body (the aura as it is more commonly called) had a couple of doctorates and also worked for NASA. They developed an understanding of how your emotions and feelings could influence the magnetic field around you, and even how two magnetic fields might be able to communicate! (Presumably important if we bump into any little green men who don’t speak English.)

The biochemistry of cells is clear. Atoms like potassium need to be pumped in, and sodium needs to be pumped out to keep the cell slightly alkaline and able to metabolise in its most efficient way. Similar "micro energy flows" build up all around the body, as negatively or positively charged molecules replace each other. This is critical in cancer as mitochondria, the power stations, must work with atoms, while others poison them.

Bigger ones always control small electrical fields, and there are a number of electrical force points all over your body between which energy flows. If it doesn’t flow it reflects, or causes, illness.

The epicentre of all these electrical forces lies in a line down your backbone, running from the top of your head to the base of your spine. The main power cables run down your spine.

Open quotesThe epicentre of all these electrical forces lies in 
                                a line down your backboneClose quotes

At several points on the way are energy centres, more commonly called chakras. Each is a spinning vortex of energy protruding three quarters to your front and a quarter to your back. (The main picture shows these positions).


Each chakra provides a layer of energetic field around your body, and it is these seven energetic fields that make up your aura and can be photographed.

These photographs show your aura, big or small, as a mixture of colours: and the colours reflect your emotions and your lifestyle. My aura four years ago was predominantly white and blue from which another gentleman, who didn’t know me, concluded so accurately that I was intelligent, university educated, a businessman, entrepreneur even a maverick, very practical and knowledgeable (!) He then spotted a gold ’growth’ under my arm and said, "You’ve obviously changed your life -this is a new more emotional, spiritual and health-conscious you coming to take over!!" Since at the time I was in trainers, jeans and t-shirt he could not have guessed any of this.

But then we "sense" people as they walk in the room. We "sense" danger. Some people have big personalities; others we distrust before they have opened their mouths.

Our auras, our magnetic fields, touch and interact with all the magnetic fields around us. Maybe this is the first point of contact, before sight or hearing.

Open quotesThese photographs show your aura as a mixture of colours which reflect your emotions and your lifestyleClose quotes

The doctors reading this article should by now hopefully be realising we are not merely mechanical beings, to be cut up, bits replaced, or have bits poisoned with chemotherapy.


Our brain links to our nerves, our nerves to our aura. Our chakras each link to an endocrine gland, so our aura links to our hormone system. Our emotions link to every cell in our body.

If our energy flow is blocked in one part of our body, it will almost certainly be linked to an emotional blockage, and a biochemical, cellular blockage and thus illness.

You simply cannot divorce emotion, cells and magnetic energy. Our mind, body, spirit as most call it.

But remember back to the wire, the current and the iron filings lining up in a magnetic field. If you bring another magnet into this field, it will alter and move it.

So too, if you place your hands and your magnetic field on the blockage in a patient. A cranial osteopath spends four years at university learning how to do this effectively. An acupuncturist unblocks meridians. Yoga frees the skeletal and muscular system to allow free energy flow.

The chakras each have their own frequency, that has been proven. They spin alternately in opposite directions, and they each link to you and your relationship with the outside world. This may seem like I’ve stopped being a scientist and become "ethereal" but just think for a moment. If someone dies, or your partner leaves you, the expression may be "having a broken heart", but where is the feeling really?

Open quotesThe solar plexus chakra is the chakra of emotionClose quotes

In the pit of your stomach. Because the solar plexus chakra is the chakra of emotion. The base of the spine roots you, the sacral chakra is your practical and sexual chakra, the solar plexus your emotional store, the heart (more powerful than all the others put together) is the chakra of personal relationships, the throat of communication, the pineal or third eye of perception, the crown is the chakra that links you to the spiritual world.


Not Convinced?

If you are stressed you get a pain in your stomach. Poor digestion maybe. No. Stress changes the acidity of the gut. This makes it more difficult for your good bacteria to grow and multiply. Stress has the same effect as taking an antibiotic. The volume of good bacteria keeps both yeasts and pathogens in check. If the numbers of good decline, the bad come out to play. Pathogens make toxins; yeasts produce toxins but they also pass in to the blood stream. They colonise the gut; the colonise areas of the body. And they are anaerobes - they reduce your localised oxygen levels.

Stress makes you sick, because the unchecked pathogens and yeasts make you sick. 'All illness begins in the gut'. Hippocrates told us that. Now we know, many cancers are linked to a decline in good bacteria and a growth of pathogens and yeasts.

Go to: Heal your Gut, Heal your Body

Pay a visit to a cranial osteopath and he or she will probably tell you straight away that all your energy surrounds your stomach in your practical sacral chakra. And little remains in your throat or head. Tonsillitis is common in these circumstances, or throat infections, or headaches.

Open quotesYour emotions, your body energy and your cellular health 
                                                        are all inexorably linkedClose quotes

Understand that science knows that your emotions, your body energy and your cellular health are all inexorably linked. And you cannot beat cancer without attending to them all. But if you want to be really controversial, imagine this. There is a very small, but growing body of thought that says your brain is not your knowledge store but merely a processor. Your knowledge, as with a computer, is electronically stored - in your relevant chakras!


No I can’t prove this. But then it sounds more plausible than a brain cell actually storing information somewhere inside it!

Further Reading

"The Book of Chakra Healing" by Liz Simpson (Gala, 10.99) with appreciation for her help.

"Way of Chakras "by Caroline Shola Arewa (Thorsons, 7.99)

"Hands of Light - a guide to Healing through the Human Energy Field" by Barbara Ann Brennan

Websites: (chakra information) (healing meditations)

Stress Management aids cancer survival
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