Carrots reduce risk of breast cancer

Carrots reduce risk of breast cancer
A study published I the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition concludes that eating more than your far share of carrots can reduce breast cancer risk. Unfortunately this phenomenon had no effect on oestrogen-driven breast cancer, which accounts for about 75% of breast cancers.
At the heart of the beneft is beta-carotene a vitamin available in nature in cis- and trans- forms. Supplements rarely have both and are often synthetic.
Eating natural carrots could reduce the risk of non-oestrogen-driven breast cancers by 40-60%. Beta-carotene is also available in red and yellow peppers, greens and chlorella, apricots and sweet potatoes.

We have previously covered research in Cancer Watch showing that women with the highest plasma levels of beta-carotene rarely see their breast cancer return.
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