Cancer Watch - March 2012

March 2012

You wouldn’t eat lipstick, would you?

Somebody once calculated that the average woman consumes 22 kgs of lipstick in her lifetime. Yummy!

What is considerably worse is what is in it. Heavy metals are quite common. Take a recent EWG study in America. They have recently reported that 380 out of 400 of the most common lipsticks tested contained higher lead levels than the maximum safe level allowed in chocolate bars. Some were up to 70 times greater. Bizarrely, they concluded that the lead in lipstick is not dangerous because you dont eat lipstick.

They also do not seem to understand that some compounds simply pass through the skin, which is a carrier not a barrier (if it wasn’t, how would nicotine and HRT patches work?)

The research was carried out by Frontier Global Sciences, Inc., a private laboratory based in Seattle, WA. (To be published May/June, 2012, issue of the Journal of Cosmetic Science.)

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