Cancer Voices - CANCERactive Postbag

Cancer Voices - CANCERactive Postbag

Your views on CANCERactive,

icon magazine and Chris Woollams


April 2020


Hi Chris,

I just wanted to send a quick thank you for your deeply researched information on COVID-19.    I have found your articles easy to follow, very informative and hugely positive.    In fact, I sent two of them to the ABC TV Health Unit to bring them up to date.       

Also, like you I have been frustrated every time someone in charge has said we need a vaccine, particularly Dr Norman Swan, who has become a bit of a minor celebrity here!     Boosting your immune system is the answer, not drugs or vaccines.

Incidentally, I am in possession of a number of your books, so thank you again for your commitment and knowledge, so deeply appreciated.



Runaway Bay




March 2019


Hello Chris,
Your thoughts and presentations are the most comprehensive from all I have read on health and cancer
As retired homeopath I read a lot on the topic, and I revere your writings
Many thanks,
Varda in San Francisco


January 2019


Hello,I would like to thank you for all your wonderful articles.And as I

have Hashimotos the piece you have written makes perfect sense.

            Thank you again.

             Kind regards Sarah.

November 2018
Dear Chris,
I thank you for giving information to save lives around the world.  For this, you deserve the title Health Ministry,  Ambassador at Large. 
I am of the opinion that if I knew in 2001 what I know now, my wife would likely be alive today instead of dying of bone cancer in 2002.  I have found a minimum of 12 ways that my wife may have been spared an early death at the age of 55 with our two children in primary and secondary school.  She had home-schooled both of our children until she could no longer do it due to cancer.  Our son graduated first in his class of secondary school at a Christian school.  He also was in first place at his college graduating class with the honor of Summa Cum Laude.  He now has a Master’s in Business Administration and is a staff member of the college where he graduated. 
Keep up the good work of helping to save many more people to live longer years on the earth. 
Keep looking up,


January 2018


Thank you, as ever, for all your helpful advice and encouragement....

What would we all do without you?!

You stand out head and shoulders above everyone else.....rather like a lighthouse in stormy seas, guiding us all to safety.....

Thank you and best wishes, 




August 2017 


I have already ordered two of your books and received them (excellent! thank you!), but would like to order the recipe book as well.  When will it be available in the United States?  My aunt has had cancer now for 4 years.

Your books, information, and all the hard work that I know went into and GOES into this work is truly appreciated.  You seem to be fearless!  In this country (US), it isn’t easy to get your hands on useful information for serious diseases/illnesses, can even be downright dangerous, hence my *fearless* remark!  Thank you.




Thank you for the highly useful information in your e news. 

Looking forward to further publications. 





I sincerely appreciate you work, interest, and kindness for everyone!

Thank you!



July 2017 


Thanks Chris

Brilliant news on PDT

Thanks for all your tireless work to inform everyone of the dangers, and the potential treatments for cancer




Chris - you’re AWESOME!!! Well done! Keep up your exceptional work!

It’s so sad when people with cancer are not prepared to ’step out’ of the conventional box simply to inform themselves. News, articles and websites such as yours go a long way in assisting so very many and helping those on the fence make a difference to their lives.

You’re a CHAMPION!

To your health and life




Good day,i’m so grateful.....thanks a million time,still looking forward for a better one. 




June 2017 


Hello Chris,

Just a few words to say thank you very much for all the effort you put in your excellent research work, and the highly informative emails we receive.

Thank you.





My father recently died of mestatic stomach cancer to the omentum and at the start when diagnosed I put him on the rainbow diet essiac tea apricot kernels and veg juicing n the improvement was very visible he was 82 no health problems very fit man n I then tried the CBd oil to things were going well up until my father started chemotherapy   Within weeks it had took him off his legs n there was no way bk  n I still think it was chemo that took his life he had it ten months   Which is quite remarkable I no people half his age die in a couple of months n I am very grateful that I could take info from ur sites u prolonged my fathers life ur advice is real and very affective Chris I saw it with my own eyes conventional treatment kills I just hope u carry on doing what u do because u must save so many lives and I have learned a lot from u thanks again. Gavin


May 2017 


Hello Chris,

A very big thank you for all the energy you put into the cancer scene. Yours was the first source of information that, after the discovery I had prostate cancer, enabled me to still be alive and very well today, without having had any orthodox treatment of any kind.

All power to your work.

Warm regards,




Hi Chris

3 yrs ago I was diagnosed with breast cancer, I found your website and attended a talk that you gave in Basingstoke. I’ve taken on board lots of your advice, bought your books and am a canceractive uber supporter! Just amazing.

Many thanks




Dear Chris,


I wrote to you about a year ago telling you how I had been in remission for three years and felt my good health was down to reading and following the advice in your book. A diagnosis of Chronic Lymphocytic leukaemia returned in January, just short of four years.


I am in amazing health, and have never felt better, which is why it came as such a shock. Last time I felt so unwell, but this time I have never been more healthy or fit. I have had one cold in four years, and feel happy and content.


I have come so far, and would not recognise the old me. I lost four stone in weight by eating the right food and need to do whatever I can to stay in watch and wait, whilst also bearing in mind the limitations of having no fixed abode, and limited funds. I so admire what you do and have faith in you, as information in your books has worked for me for four years, and above all else I feel so well. Although the diagnosis was picked up by a test which is highly specialist, my normal bloods remain perfectly within the bounds of a ’normal’ person. The diagnosis of CLL is caused according to my oncologist by a gene mutation.


With very best wishes




April 2017 


In December 2015, my partner Ted was diagnosed with aggressive bladder cancer, and as you can imagine this was our ’anus horriblis’. After a long three month wait, he was referred to brilliant Dr Phan for chemotherapy/ radiotherapy. Three months of chemo resulted in the devastating news that the tumour had grown making it inoperable. The only recourse was 32 sessions of radiotherapy.

It was at this low point that we were introduced to the Rainbow Diet. Already advocates of healthy eating, we followed your sound advice and such items as Astragalus, cat’s claw, garlic and turmeric accompanied the colourful food we ate (and still do).

Being an insulin dependent diabetic complicated matters for Ted but he is very strong minded and was determined to live. Having survived a large cell lung cancer in 2005 he was perfectly happy to drink green tea instead of coffee, beetroot is now eaten by the plateful instead of glucose tablets.

A recent scan showed that the cancer has not spread; he has now been told that there is no sign of cancer in his bladder. Conventional treatment has no doubt played its part but a million thanks to you for guiding us in how to make this more effective.

The cancer may return, and he will, of course, have 3 monthly cystoscopies, but one thing is certain -the Rainbow Diet is with us for life.

Thank you




Thank you for your excellent emails.




Big thank you. I will add your suggestions to my program. I should have mentioned I’m already on a good probiotic plus regular fermented foods like kim chi and sauerkraut. What you say makes sense. 

I see Prof Chan next month. Depending on how things are going, I may book an appt with you. 

Thank you Chris - you are an amazing and v generous person to be doing what you are doing and helping so many. 

Best regards



Thank you for your  contribution to the world in this is extraordinary.

I do believe in integrative medicine but will only give my power consciously to those that my heart and soul say yes to...and I do dowse, for years....and my pendulum swung a cheerful YES  to working with you.

in good faith,

greetings from the Balearics

from Gloria 


Hi Chris

You spoke in my local town well over a decade ago.  I’ve been following you ever since.  I just love what you are doing.  You never stop learning and then in turn teaching the recipients of your newsletter more and more.  Thank you.

Cyndi  Nutritionist, Author and Documentary Producer


March 2017 


Dear Chris,

Thanks so much for all of this. As a man with a recurring prostate tumour I’m more than a little terrified. But thanks to Canceractive, I can help myself more than I thought I ever could.

Keep it up! 




I find it a very odd world when big money has so much power and the general masses just go along with it. You do so much to pass on such important information to us. I wish to thank you for being an influence to my way of life. Thank you. 


Garry  Australia


Many thanks Chris, your advice is invaluable




Dear Chris,

I began subscribing to your newsletter following surgery and radiotherapy for breast cancer in autumn of 2015 and have found your articles very enlightening and informative.   I have also purchased a couple of your books – Oestrogen, the killer in our midst and The Rainbow Diet – both of which I wouldn’t be without – so thank-you!

Best wishes




Dear Chris,


You are a great inspiration to me (and I’m sure to many others, as well)!  : )

Warm regards,



February 2017 



I’ve been a regular subscriber for many years and love the material you publish on your website.  Thank you all so much for providing such an enlightening resource. I believe you are truly enhancing and even saving lives by what you do.

Many thanks





Thank you for all the information you have been providing all of us with. It’s a real gold mine. 

Best wishes



Hi Wendy

Yes, the 2 boxes of icon magazines arrived and as soon as they are put down on the tables in the cancer centre here at Royal Stoke they are snapped up straight away.  They are very popular!





I can’t thank the CANCERactive team enough. I have "The Rainbow Diet" book and refer to it constantly.  It is a pleasure to support your work. 

Best regards




Hi Chris , 

I owe you a huge Thank you. If I ever win the lottery you are on my special list mate. At present I am still suffering with bouts of Insomnia and muscle weakness but compared to six months ago I am making huge progress. Any further progress and I’ll  let you know.

God Bless you and the very best wishes.

Yours sincerely,




January 2017 

I am very grateful to you for the excellent advice I’ve picked up from the web site and your books and wish you a very happy and healthy New Year.

Kind regards



I want to wish you and your team a very Happy and Healthy New Year.....and look forward to your news and advise in the coming year.....




December 2016 

Dear Chris

We would like to thank you for your help & support this year ,  You made a big difference to us.  Thank You.

We wish You & Your families the best for the festive period during this time of remembrance.

With Gods Blessings & Many Thanks.


John & Sharon


November 2016 

Dear Chris

Cancer Active and your books have been a lifeline for us and our families and friends, can’t tell you how many times we have passed on your name and web address to people. Sadly, too many of us are affected by cancer now but thank goodness for your work and others like it to help turn the tide. We are very grateful for all you do. Now we want to walk the talk.

Kind regards,

Charles and Sophie


Hi Chris

I really look forward to talking to you. I have got The Rainbow Diet and the 5th edition of Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer - both of which have helped me enormously.

Best wishes



September 2016 


Hi Chris, just wanted to say how brilliant you are.  I studied Nutritional Therapy from 2005 and graduated in 2010. During that time I attended one of your lectures and latched onto you then. I have all your books and receive your regular emails.  (I don’t practice but have remained a total follower of yours and dedicated to NT).   I have too noticed how over the years things are gradually changing for the better.  I think you are amazing.  Keep up the excellent work.  Would love to contribute in some way but will carry on following you. Congratulations!   Anne 


August 2016


Thank you so much for your work, and your regular update emails. Your website got me through a devastating cancer diagnosis, and awoke some positivity and, most importantly, gave me the opportunity for me to be proactive during a very dark time. I had/have a very rare type of peritoneal cancer, and interestingly my blood tumour markers went down within weeks of implementing many of your suggestions. I had surgery to remove some large cystic tumours, and have so far been very lucky, but thanks to you I can face my annual scan knowing I have access to a huge amount of important cancer-related information should I need it in future. I am also implementing many of your suggestions on a daily basis.

I can’t thank you enough, and will subscribe to icon as soon as I am able. You genuinely are my hero!




March 2016 

I am reading your book  everything you need to know.........
which is the most informative book  on cancer that I have read.
I have secondary bone cancer and like all the information you provide.
I am now a vegan, also avoid sugar and alcohol and all animal and dairy products.
Thank you for your help.
D. Awali

February 2016 

Dear icon Team

I found your issue of icon magazine Vol 10 Issue 3 at a workshop last Autumn – it is brilliant – informative, well balanced and clearly from long experience of the field and what works.

I have recommended it to everyone I meet who has or knows of someone with cancer.  Is it possible to send me a number of copies(10 – 15?) of Vol 10 Issue 3 that I could give to them, saving them yet another thing to deal with at such a difficult time. I would also be interested to receive icon regularly so please let me know how to go about this.

Many thanks for your great magazine.

Yours sincerely



December 2015

Thank you for a really informative news letter Chris.
I feel enabled to help and comfort a friend who may have pancreatic cancer, she is waiting to see the specialist now.
What I read in your latest newsletter regarding vitamin D echoed what I’d heard on a TED lecture on YouTube earlier that day.
Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.
Bonnie Hargreaves
Simply Naturals Distributor
of Plant Based Minerals
For better health naturally visit:


September 2015

Dear CANCERactive,

I hope you are still dealing with the distribution of the Icon magazine. I would like to say a big thank you for sending me the magazines which I received today. The members of our group really love your magazine and find it very informative and interesting. On behalf of all of us please say thank you to everyone who makes this magazine possible.
Kind regards
Ann Miskimin
Manchester Lymphoma Association Support Group.

Dear Chris,

I just wanted to thank you for your enormous contribution to us cancer patients.  I was diagnosed with a Grade II astrocytoma in 2009, and who knows how long it had been there before it got discovered.  I don’t have the time or energy to get a medical degree to determine what is my best treatment plan or to read everything on the Internet.  Your web site is such a blessing to me.  You deliver great information in an easy-to-navigate format.  I can’t imagine the time that you must devote to gathering and submitting content to the website, but it is much appreciated!!!  Your website gives me hope, and I thank you from the bottom of my heart!

Blessings, Kathy

August 2015

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for your prompt response today.

A great website and as good as anything I have seen for a layman on cancer etc.

I will delve further into the site this evening. I am sincerely hoping my case will be accepted by Emberton for Haifu, as it seems so much less invasive and hopefully just as effective.

I have not been able to locate the 2015 Prostate story within “Latest news” yet but will try again.

Sincere congratulations on a fantastic website…

Best wishes,


Kingsley Gray

July 2015

Dear Chris and team,

Thank you for providing us with so much information.  I was following the Gerson protocol to the letter ( I even went down to Tijuana – waste of time and money except for the fact that it really drove home the message and Charlotte Gerson is very impressive and very convincing) until my husband came across your website.  We bought the BOOK.  Since then we’ve introduced multiple foods and food compounds, etc.   But the biggest plus was it opened my eyes to the fact that there is so much research to back up everything we are doing.  I felt empowered for the first time.  I came out from the shadows of the dubious world of alternative therapies into the very real world where science supports what I’m doing.

I could go on and on.  But I need to ring someone to tell them about your site.

One thing I’ve found very helpful is liposomal vitamin C.  I haven’t come across it in your site but I’m sure it is there somewhere. Also we do 30 mins daily in a FIR sauna.

I had a lobectomy (stage 3 I believe due to the size of the tumour) for non-smoker’s lung cancer in April of 2013 (no metastasis, or lymph nodes, no chemo) and my husband had a colectomy  + chemo for colon cancer (1 lymph node) in July 2015.


Best wishes to all and my kindest regards,


Lisa (Northern Ireland)


Hi Chris

Thanks to you and your team yet again for the quality of your publications and your well rounded and sensible advice.

Ian Grant



I just want to thank you for these honest and very helpful emails.

Hope health and prosperity always be with you.

Salma Talebi


from Iran


June 2015

Dear Chris,

Thank you very much for your very quick response.

I really appreciate what you are doing through this website.

Thank you again and All the best





Jan 2015


I’m absolutely delighted to hear that you’re generously sending a box of ICON magazines for use at Nine Lives.

It’s an excellent magazine and great way to inspire people to find out more about how they can help themselves to maximise their recovery.  Our aim is to provide both information and support and we emphasise the benefits of good nutrition, exercise and psychological resilience in building a strong foundation for recovery.

We recently created a small library and are keen to encourage people to educate themselves in reading and finding out new things.  The magazines are very inviting to read and are likely to be a step towards further exploration.  I’m sure that they will be very popular with our people.

I can’t thank you enough for this. I’m very happy to make a donation and perhaps you could direct me in the best way of sending this to you e.g. cheque, online payment etc......

With best wishes



Dear Chris Woollams,

Thank you for this uplifting message.I am doing my best to reverse my BC, with limited success.  But I am not giving up.

The support i.e. information from your website has been invaluable in my path forwards.

You are a bold and brave man.  Thank you for being there.

Best wishes,



Hi Chris,

Just over a year since my fiancé passed away from a brain tumour, she was only 28. Your website and work is awesome, keeps me focused and is a reminder to look after my own health which I’ve forgot about recently so thank you.

All the best



Nov 2014

Hi Chris, just to say thank you for such great helpful  information on your site it has helped me a lot to understand my Brest cancer and treatment.  I am three and a half years clear now. Thanks again. And a very Happy Christmas and New Year to you and all your people.  God Bless Ann McClatchie.


Hi Chris,

I just want to thank you for your book, Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer, I must say this has been a god send for me. I was diagnosed a 14 months ago with stage 4 lung cancer, being a none smoker this was shocking news. i had intravenous chemo for 6 months with good results but towards the end my tumour was growing again. I was then switched to Tarceva as you probably know is a tablet  anti cancer drug. After my tumour had grown  I read your book and started taking curcumin, astragalus, fish oils,  mushroom extract and salvestrols etc and changed my diet cutting out refined sugars and processed food and dairy. Due to these supplements and diet I know I will beat cancer Ifeel so much better thanks to your advice in the book, I know the reason my tumour has shrunk is due to these supplements and diet change .Friends I have made who also have cancer have also bought the book and thanked me for showing it them, which makes me happy to help them like your book has helped me. Once again thanks.Regards Tony Stephens.  

Dear CANCERactive, we enjoyed our link up with Chris which was very informative, entertaining and left us feeling very positive about being able to take a bit of control in this nightmare we are going through. Best wishes June

Dear Chris, good luck with the speech! I love the topic. Don’t know if you saw this recent article about the microbiome and ICU patients – right up the same alley.I hope your speech will be available for downloading afterwards. I always enjoy reading your newsletters, and find the information to be accurate and interesting. Thanks for joining the “non-polemicizing” crowd. I’m sorry that you had to get in to the field through the loss of your daughter. Best wishes, Martha Grout

Oct 2014

Dear CANCERactive

I just wanted to thank you for the latest batch of ICON magazines. Our members really love them, and they are so informative.

Many thanks again,Kirsty, Cherry Lodge Cancer Care


Dear CANCERactive,

Many thanks for your splendid website and your books and articles.

I was lucky enough to go to a nutritionist when diagnosed with stage IIIC ovarian cancer.  I was given a 1-3 year survival time.  in fact everything my nutritionist  suggested I supplemented with and my dietary changes were in accordance with your research. I am fit and well 4 years late.I was therefore really annoyed to read the following article on an NHS website.  I fear, that despite your best efforts, it is almost impossible to change to attitudes of medical staff - it is almost as though they fear for their jobs.  They remain totally disinterested in diet. Totally disinterested in checking whether your body has the right amount of vitamins and minerals (something I believe is checked in Germany).  How do they expect the body to heal itself if it is lacking essential building blocks. Please keep up the good work. Kind regards Hazel


Sept 2014

* Thank you so much for your news sheet which I will circulate to the Support Group members later. Best wishes Freda 

* My name is Ellie and I am writing to give a big thank you to Chris Woollams for all this fabulous help.

He has turned it around for me. I have gone from a sad and scared women to an empowered and motivated one, and I just want to say.........THANK YOU SO MUCH CHRIS

* I just wanted to thank you all for continuing to provide such clear, unbiased, easily assimilated information. I was initially given a very short shelf life but due to juicing and Chris’s wonderful book, (+chemo, radiation & Herceptin) I am now (hopefully) clear of cancer. So thank you all, Sharon.

* Dear Chris, just wanted to say what a fantastic book “Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer” is. Anita

* Dear Chris, Thank you so much for your news letter.  I really admire you and the work that you. Joanna

* Chris, many thanks, I’ve just read your news letter, and will start on the articles. Always a pleasure, and huge interest to read your contributions.  Derek

Aug 2014

* Thanks for the info that you have given to me. its really means a lot to have this information. Thank you so much. Helen

* Thank you very much for the work you do. Your articles and books are extremely helpful, Kunderke

July 2014

* Chris – just wanted to say how brilliant your newsletter/emails are!  I am a pregnancy and post natal personal trainer but did my Cancer Rehab & Exercise course as I have a client who had breast cancer & now lung cancer.  Anyway, I forward your emails to her all the time they are so helpful. Thanks so much. Viki

* Dear Chris

You are my guardian angel at the moment, I was diagnosed with Breast
Cancer in May and your books together with others are my guidance. I
just want to Thank You, I am so sorry that it is because you lost your
lovely daughter, I just cannot imagine how that is for you. This
fantastic work which you continue to research is in memory of
Catherine for all other people to share. So from the bottom of my
heart I Thank You so very much. Diane

* Congratulations on so very well deserved American recognition for your work, brilliant! Best wishes from Gwyneth

June 2014

* I am now alas related to several people with cancer and find your newsletter an inspiring read and they follow your recommendations. Ann

* Dear Chris, I have been a great reader of your excellent website since being diagnosed with DCIS in 2009. I have changed a lot about my lifestyle and diet. Shirley

* I have investigated and read a great deal. I have read your data and looked forward to your regular updates for years. Thank you, Anne

May 2014

* Your work and dedication is astounding. I find it difficult to find words which can fully express my gratitude.

Sincerely, Athena

 * Dear Chris and team, thank you so much for your news letter.  I really admire you and the work that you. From Annette

April 2014

Congratulations on so very well deserved recognition for your work, brilliant! Best wishes from Gwyneth

March 2014

Thank you, your books and website. Keep up all your great work.


March 2014

Thank you so much for your magazine ICON. They are a lifeline for many in our group. The knowledge is empowering and gives a sense of control at a difficult time. I also promote them for prevention and general health.


February 2014

Just a thank you for your email’s enews. You keep me well inform, I hope one 
 day I can say I am a breast cancer survivor so far it is a year and half.
The information you provide it is really important, keep it up.
Thank you,

February 2014

Brilliant enews, keep them coming THANK YOU all at the CANCERactive team


February 2014

I have been a great reader of your excellent website since being diagnosed with DCIS in 2009. I have changed a lot about my lifestyle. Thank you.




December 2013


Hello Chris, I just wanted to say thank you for all your outstanding work in helping people with cancer. I’m a cancer survivor and your work has been a real companion in my recent life






Dear Chris

Thank you so much for all the amazing and inspirational work that you are doing.

People need this information to empower their health choices and to have greater control within their journey through cancer.

You are providing a beacon of light which hopefully in time will impact on medical treatment regimens and help them move out of their

great limitations toward more holistic approaches to treatment and individual care.

The paradigm shift is slow..... but it will shift and you will have made a significant contribution toward that.

All Best Wishes



November 2013

Dear Chris,
 Just a quick note to thank you for the tireless work you do to bring people
 as much information as possible about cancer. My sincere thanks!! I hope I
 won’t need your information myself! All the best, Jane


Dear Chris,  Just a Thank you for your email’s . You keep me well inform, I hope one day I can say I am a breast cancer survivor so far it is a year and half.
The information you provide, it is really important, keep it Up.
Thank you,


September 2013

Dear Chris,
I had a lump in my throat when I began reading this, losing a loved one so young is beyond comprehension as parents we expect to go before our children.  However there must have been a reason why Catherine was taken so young and I am sure she is looking down on you so proud of what you have achieved and have helped so many people in her name.
At 64 I had two separate cancers at the same time (I see I put “had” which is a good sign!) lung and ovarian cancer, 2 operations and 2 lots of chemo – scan in 2 weeks !!!!  However I have read your website and follow your advice and do a lot of self healing and just pray that all will be ok, at least for a bit longer as I would love to see my 6 grandchildren grow and hopefully help other people from my experience.  I was not brave enough to try and do it on my own!    Thank you for everything you do and for helping so many people and happy birthday to your precious daughter, I am sure she is with you and your family always.
God Bless and take care


Dear Chris,


Thank you for today’s posting on the 6 things to do to beat cancer.

Your site was the first place I came to after a referral from my acupuncture


Time and again I have had confirmed that my approach to aiding my body through

this gastric cancer healing journey through diet, supplementation, exercise,

guided imagery, meditation, and prayer is the correct one.

It has been over a year since the diagnosis and I see life and more life on

my horizon.

Thank you that you took your grief and turned it into joy, 







Dear Chris,
Thank you for the letter you sent out today on beating cancer. I always read every word of your letters and try to pass on the information to others.
Bless you and your sweet Catherine,




Thanks you so  much for this...and supporting me through  my  own battle with  cancer...yes it is  a battle..more with  the conventional treatments  have suppported my  own journey  of searching for the positives in food, lifestyles and hopefully  healing..... I  am 2 years down that road....eternally  grateful .....thank you  ...Jane






Thank you Chris. It couldn’t have arrived at a better time. We’re fighting my husbands terminal cancer now.
I just wanted you to know that I am deeply sorry for your loss of Catherine and admire all the work you are doing to help others. I hope that one day all the knowledge you have shared will be incorporated into the routine treatment of cancer - but not in our life time I fear.
Kind regards Rosemary






Brilliant E news.
Ad for HBOT I have had 15 sessions during radiotherapy (25 sessions thereof) and had no burns or blisters. In fact, I felt fantastic when I finished but stopped as my ear membrane hurt. Going again soon as it really does make an amazing difference. Lesley






Bless you Chris you are a credit to yr daughter keep yr faith you have helped thousands of others including our family thank you x B Collins






Thank you so much for sending this note, on a day that must be very challenging for you.
It has come at a very opportune time for me personally, and is just the reminder I need on how much I can do to keep well for longer.  Keep doing what you are doing, it’s badly needed and much appreciated.




June 2013

Thanks for connecting. Excellent newsletter, keep it up. You are in line with a new generation of cancer specialists.

 Am interested in caloric restriction and intermittent fasting as part of cancer treatment.

 Keep in touch,



I’m so sorry for the delay in sending this, but I just wanted to thank you for the list of 20 things you should consider in your anti cancer program – it was both very interesting and very helpful.  And your web site is so encouraging, full of positive thoughts, ideas and so much information – just amazing.


 Thank you from me and my family,



May 2013



I would just like to say I have found this website incredibly helpful and supportive as I go through my cancer and subsequent treatment. I have The Rainbow Diet and Everything you need to know to help you beat Cancer. They have become my bibles! You may have heard the awareness being raised about the importance of nutrition and cancer on two Radio 4 programmes this week. I, like the presenters, cannot believe how little is done in hospitals to complement cancer treatment. My oncologist too, has nothing to offer about diet when asked though I can’t praise him enough for his cancer speciality. To me it is such an obvious thing and yet if you don’t go out there and do your research you’re none the wiser!
 Although our family diet was good I have tweaked it even further and although for my children it was a bit "cold turkey" they are now totally used to it.
 I think the work and dedication you and Chris have given to this is quite amazing and I for one am grateful for all the hours that have been put into  all the research so that I don’t have to do quite as much and because of the background associated with Chris I feel it is very reliable.
 Best wishes and thank you.



Dear CANCERactive,


 As a GP with breast cancer, I would like to pass on my thanks for the excellent resources you are providing at CANCERactive. I discovered your website and icon magazine 6 months into my diagnosis, and wish I had known about it sooner. Your magazine and website is the only reliable resource of it’s kind in the UK, and is so badly needed- I would highly recommend you to anyone with cancer. I think that the information you provide is broad, balanced and very current. I have found that NHS care is very lacking in some areas, particularly health promotion, such as diet and exercise for people with cancer, despite the fact that there is a wealth of evidence to support the benefits. Patients, myself included, want to be able to participate in their own treatment programmes, and I am pleased that CANCERactive is there to help people do just that.

 I hope that I will be in a position to contribute some articles to icon in the future.


 Dr Rowena Nicholson GP, Devon





I just want to tell you how amazing you are! Thank you for providing all the information that I have read so far. I am fighting cancer and you make me feel that I can do it. I have lapsed into some bad habits and am now picking up on things. Reading your newsletters renews my enthusiasm and of course the ’Rainbow’ book which is my bible! I call you my guru and pass on info to anyone who might need it. Too many friends are becoming ill with cancer. It upsets me to think that the powers to be are killing these people. I’ve always been health conscious and I was told in hospital that I was healthy! I was also told that my cancer (brain) came from stress. (Teaching and marital) I have been interested to read your recent article on stress.


Thank you again and congratulations on your award. You deserve it!



Hi Chris,


Thank you for doing what you do, when my closest friend was diagnosed with esophageal cancer, your website was very valuable to his wife and me. It is hard to find the information anywhere, you do an excellent job of making information available and your tone is very reasonable.

Thank you again for doing what you do.   








April 2013


Hello there,
 I am sure that you must receive loads of emails every day, however I just wanted to let you know that something contained in your very interesting page, “Vitamin D "Enormous potential to beat cancer", reinforces my own personal experience:

A couple of years ago, I began treatment for hypothyroidism and it was also discovered that I had, “very low levels” of vitamin D  (I was utterly exhausted.).  I am now on a supplement of 2,000 IU of D3 for life (but am tempted to increase it after reading this article!).
My reason for contacting you regards this phrase:

 “Conversely very recent evidence indicates that high blood levels of vitamin D actually help to prevent burning by speeding up tanning of the skin!”
 For the past two summers, I have had a light suntan ... I am 45, live in the South of England, have never had a suntan in my life and would burn easily!  Even a work colleague noticed the change in colour of my skin.

That’s all I wanted to say, other than a huge, “Thank you” for your organisation existing.
 best wishes,



I just want to tell you how amazing you are! Thank you for providing all the information that I have read so far. I am fighting cancer and you make me feel that I can do it. I have lapsed into some bad habits and am now picking up on things. Reading your newsletters renews my enthusiasm and of course the ’Rainbow’ book which is my bible! I call you my guru and pass on info to anyone who might need it. Too many friends are becoming ill with cancer. It upsets me to think that the powers to be are killing these people. I’ve always been health conscious and I was told in hospital that I was healthy! I was also told that my cancer (brain) came from stress. (Teaching and marital) I have been interested to read your recent article on stress.


Thank you again and congratulations on your award. You deserve it!






March 2013

Hi Chris,
I came to a talk you did at Binfield yesterday and I wanted to say thank you.
I found it very informative but it also gave me some hope, as my father has just been told he may have skin cancer (not melanoma thank goodness). I hope, by following your advice yesterday, that he may fight it quickly.
I also found it strangely emotional, my sister died aged 17 (I was 15) and she had fought cancer since she was just 10 years old. How I wish I had been old enough then to try to find things that could have helped her – if only I knew then what I know now. She started out with a rare benign tumour but after her death we were told that they given her the wrong treatment and it had turned her tumour malignant. She suffered a horrible death. It is still painful to this day and I have been fearful of someone I love getting cancer ever since. Your talk helped with that fear and I now feel I can help protect my family just a little through diet and general wellbeing.
Oh, and another thank u – by reading about vitamin D on your website last year and realising it helps with inflammation, I started giving it to my sons who have an inflammatory gut condition and they have both improved since being on it!! I have just ordered some for my father too.
Thank you again and best wishes,



Hi Chris,


Love the book, website and your emails.

Thank you for your commitment to helping mankind get back on track with re-education on what we eat and our contributing lifestyles.

I wanted to know whether you had thought about making an audiobook version of the Rainbow Diet? I have four children under three and only get moments these days to read.  It would be great to have a narrated version to listen to while in the busy throes of life...just a thought. 

Keep up the superb work, we thank you.


Cheryl Reen and family



Firstly can I say how impressed I am by your dedication and determination to inform cancer patients about important facts that the orthodox profession are only too loathe to acknowledge.


Your web site has been invaluable and also your books a mine of essential

information.  Thank you.

I notice you mention the need for volunteers. My field is not IT but I have a doctorate in biology and qualified as a medical herbalist some years ago. If these skills should be of any use please get in touch with me.

Currently I am several months post breast cancer treatment and busy applying all the useful information to hopefully prevent any recurrences.  I have lobbied my oncologist unceasingly to recognise the non conventional advances that have been made in treating cancer.  He is not too bad but still firmly in the orthodox camp.

Very best wishes and many thanks





Dear Mr Woollams,

I am a GP and trained as a surgeon with 42 years in NHS;
I am now  a nutritionist and alternative therapist and training as a Gerson doctor and just wish to say how much I admire your efforts to promote health with natural means.
Having gone to the  most famous (possibly most arrogant!) medical school in the world , I have seen both sides of the coin.
Doctors learn pre packaged items of knowledge to memorise , and then guided by  pharma  to think along very straight lines.
Unfortunately, (except A/E medicine obviously), chronic medicine can cause more long term(often latent) harm often, and seems worse in England than up here from all accounts.Medicine, is to them, only what they can DO to patients and I find almost all doctors, completely unaware of the healing power of the body.
Hope this helps to bounce you back from  criticisms against you...and recognise them for what they are...brain stem responses, which is more to do with their fragile egos, and little to do with altruism.
Dr Neil Milliken MBChB(Edin)BDS LDSRCS(Edin)BTAA,, RCST, Dip CNM(nutr),Applied kin dip




Hi Chris,

 Thank you for your reply, it matches every other!
 My cancer is on or in the liver,HCC.
 I emailed you when I was first diagnosed and told you I had terminal cancer! Your very swift reply was " there is no such thing!"
 That was 2 years ago, thank you for being so right.
 My regards to Chris T




It really helps to come across informative website like CANCERactive.

I was given icon magazines about 5 years ago from one of my student friends while I was studying Nutritional Therapy.

I wasn’t that interested in the cancer topic until my dad was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2011. Your website was the start of all my research. From there, I felt supported throughout as I went on a journey to help my dad look into complementary therapies (especially nutrition) in order to make a difference to his recovery as he was going through chemotherapy.

He has learnt how to become aware of his gut with much better understanding about nutrition so he can carry on his own journey to improve his health for years to come.

Again, thank you and keep up the good work!

Warmest wishes.





Hi Chris - I love reading your articles - having had cancer my natural instincts during treatment and chemo were to do what you recommend i.e. organic, low sugar, salt, calcium etc.

I thought you would also like to know that the diet book "the fast diet" by Dr Michael Mosley also includes the benefits of fasting before chemo.  In fact his "fasting" means under 500 calories for women and low carbs. 

His "diet" is actually not so much a diet but way of life for health benefits.  Anyway, you probably know about this, but thought I would share - and thank you so much for your emails.




Hi Chris,


Firstly thanks for all your do and above all thanks for being HUMAN. We are having success with the Cesium protocol. Just had David in the shop, "for example" stage 4 and 2 months to live and you know the N.H.S protocol for their nutrition is a disgrace, in our observations it increases cachexia etc,etc. In just 2 days all of his pain disappeared, that was last week and today he said he has been eating a lot more. We have persuaded him to do some Tai Chi,yoga etc for stress.

Once again thanks for all your good work.





Hello CANCERactive,
Thank you for your latest message and contents.
Excellent news on Skeptics/ Colquhoun/ NHS booklet, etc. It takes a long
time for these to see the light.
But, what’s great now is the rate at which research evidence is proving and
confirming the knowledge that you and your fellow travellers have been
disseminating and advising many people with for a considerable number of
years. Wonderful.
Best wishes



Hi CANCERactive,


 Thanks for the newsletter.  Being one of your regional execs and a nutritionist I cannot believe so called ’professors’ even question diet! It is SO obvious and clear that diet is one of the biggest factors when it comes to the cause of cancer and one of the major therapies on recovering! Makes me so mad and so glad you got an apology!

 As you say, it seems often that people in the ’pharmaceutical/medical’ world think the ’natural’ world is utter rubbish and that we’re all here to ’try and make a difference with our rubbish therapies’.  Well it might be news for them, but we/food/natural therapies quite clearly DO make a difference but they are just too stubborn to admit it! I see this all the time and it drives me crazy!

 So anyway, well done for not letting these people get in your way to continue doing the great research that you do and so glad you got an apology, albeit a few years too late!




Hi CANCERactive,


I tell many people about the amazing work Chris does and pass on details to all.  He is an absolute hero as he researches and makes available amazing, unbiased information on his website.  I only wish general practitioners/specialists etc would take note of the wonderful benefits good nutrition, Chinese medicine etc etc etc offer. My mother brought us up with that knowledge and good nutrition supported her during a difficult time with her health.   I know some integrative practitioners do, but there are many, many who will not go there.

Kind regards



Dear CANCERactive,


 This is just a short email to say ’Thank you soooo much’ for being you, for being determined, for looking out for others, for pulling us out of the depths of disillusion and worry. I am a cancer patient, with secondary BC, doing very well for the past 4 years, and I really look forward to your newsletters and informative topics. 

 With best regards,



February 2013


Dear CANCERactive,

Just to say a huge, huge thank you for that information. It really is like being thrown a life line of hope in the face of utter hopelessness which is so demoralising and depressing. The fact that there is clearly so much going on ’out there’ besides the traditional approach of oncology and medicine, really does light up a dark abbys which I am sure most newly diagnosed patients’ experience.

 Very best wishes,



Dear Chris,


You are truly son was diagnosed (in London) with metastatic melanoma in late 2010.  You can imagine what a shock it was to hear.   My son was brought up in Australia and he was on an extended (7 years) working holiday in the UK.  One may imagine certain things happening to one’s child but melanoma in cold England – not high on my list!!  I had a week between being told of this and getting on a plane to be with him in the UK.  His English father already had him scheduled for surgery.  We would have liked a second opinion but this was not an option overall.  I had completed some of my Nutrition studies years ago and have been an absolute devotee of the benefits of nutrition, good supplements since I was a teenager.  I spent the week talking to Clinics, Universities, Hospitals around the world and researching clinical studies on the benefits of certain foods and supplements.  The end result was that I advised he no longer eat meat, dairy, alcohol, wheat, sugar in all its forms.  I also recommended he take curcumin, resveratrol, bromelaine, green tea, quercetin, Immunol, garlic, Vitamin C and advised him of a specific diet – green juices, lots of organic fruit and vegetables, organic grains – in fact everything organic if possible.  On his return to Australia he underwent radiotherapy – that was his decision after being presented with all possibilities.

  I believe it is important for people to make their own decisions after considerable research/information/facts have been presented to them.  Unfortunately, he got a serious infection at the hospital on the last couple days of radiotherapy which set him back due to the necessary antibiotics.  My son also commenced and is still on a program of Acupuncture/Chinese Herbs with one of the most noted practitioners in Sydney.  (When I was in the UK with him when he was diagnosed they hadn’t even tested him for Vitamin D – of course his levels were low after living in the UK for so long with little or no sunshine and working late at the office).  For two years I had been suggesting to him he buy some Vitamin D to take – I didn’t think of Melanoma but of other possible things linked to low Vitamin D.


My son who is 32 still follows his fairly strict regimen but is also leading a ‘normal’ life again with perhaps just a few subtle differences..  Along the way, nobody was interested in the benefits of his nutritional program – least of all the Professors he consulted with.  His most recent scans were all fine – it is early days but I believe if he stays with his program he will be OK. 


I purchased your book for him when I was in the UK in 2010 for the three weeks supporting him while he underwent follow-up tests, met with doctors etc etc.  I have told many people about your amazing website Canceractive and your publications.  I am hoping to take up my Nutrition studies again in the next year or so as I have learned so much now and believe there is much more to discover and pass on to people. 


I am sure you must receive millions of emails and probably don’t even personally get the chance to read them, let alone reply.  But if you do see this email, I would again like to say ‘thank you’ for the work you have done and are doing.  It must be so rewarding to know you are making such a difference in peoples’ lives. 



Kind regards




January 2013


Thank you very much for sending me the magazines over the years I always distributed them not only to the Breast Care Unit but also to the Oncology Unit and other areas of the hospital. I found the articles of great interest and help, as did many others.

Kind regards and best wishes,



 December 2012


Dear CANCERactive,

Could you please pass on a whole hearted Thank You to all in the team and particularly to Chris Woollams for having the open minded attitude and a wonderful website that caters for those who want the best available information.

Yours, a very grateful happy person,



Dear CANCERactive


Please keep up the good work.

If only more of the cancer charities would try to bridge the gap between what the NHS says and some of the excellent alternative/natural advice out there. They could do a lot to help the situation. I really feel that it’s time for a breakthrough
to make a lot of the advice such as in icon more mainstream and
available to a lot more patients. 
With very best wishes to you and everyone at icon.


November 2012


Thank you very much for the extra information.

Really enjoying your book





I tell many people about the amazing work Chris does and pass on details to all.  He is an absolute hero as he researches and makes available amazing, unbiased information on his website.  I only wish general practitioners/specialists etc would take note of the wonderful benefits good nutrition, chinese medicine etc etc etc offer. My mother brought us up with that knowledge and good nutrition supported her during a difficult time with her health.   I know some integrative practitioners do, but there are many, many who will not go there. 

Have a wonderful Xmas season and I hope (although unlikely for the UK) the weather is not too harsh.

Kind regards



I first heard about you and CANCERactive when my sister gave me a copy of ’Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer’ while I was in the Churchill Hospital in Oxford having had surgery for uterine cancer in December 2009. As a result of reading your book and other research, I declined follow-up radiotherapy and went to the Hufeland Klinik in Germany for five weeks and afterwards continued having high dose IV vitamin C therapy at the Dove Clinic in Hampshire, plus SPDT. I also did, and continue to do, many self-help strategies e.g. keep immune system strong with beta-glucans, astragalus, cat’s claw and echinacea; avoid sugar; keep body alkaline with diet and barley grass tablets; take Budwig cottage cheese/flaxseed oil blend; take apricot kernels; etc, etc. I go for regular check-ups at the Churchill and so far all is well. I have also stopped having mammograms and started having thermograms.


Many thanks for all the good work you do.

Best regards,




September 2012



Dear CANCERactive,

Thank you for your email.

I already receive Chris’ newsletter on our Bluebells’ email address and my personal ones. However, I will forward this on to our Bluebells’ group members so they can decide to receive it or not.

I would like to thank you and the CANCERactive team for providing us with the ICON magazines that contain so much valuable, good quality information. Your support is greatly valued.

Your email has reminded me that I haven’t made a donation yet this year from Bluebells (our ’donation’ for the ICON mags) I will send this off next week.

Many, many thanks,



July 2012


Hi Chris,

Please do not feel obliged to reply, a read receipt is fine. Just wanted to say thank you for the work you are doing, and your newsletters that I always find inspiring and informative.

Everyone who speaks to me at the shop about themselves or others diagnosed with cancer I tell about your work and give them an icon magazine.

CANCERactive is doing amazing work. 

Best wishes



Dear Chris


Thank you for the newsletter.

I worked in some different cancer organisations as a volunteer mainly.

I am a complementary therapist specialising in cancer.

The director of the centre Community Cancer Centre in West Drayton, forwarded me your newsletter and I found it extremely good... excellent.







Hi Chris,

Thank you for your emails, it’s good to know someone out there is doing the research I don’t have time to do myself !! 

With thanks,



June 2012

Dear Chris,

Please organise a campaign to change the 1939 Cancer Act. The current state of cancer treatment in this country is an absolute scandal. Your website is one of the few trustworthy sources of information about cancer prevention and treatment, if not the only one, and it took me months of searching to find it.

Im a holistic therapist, and I work weekly with women who have been treated for breast cancer. Ive also had four close friends/relatives diagnosed with cancer in the past two years, so Ive made it a bit of a mission to find out all I can, and to pass on this knowledge to as many people as I can. I become more and more outraged by the obstacles deliberately placed in the way of people wanting to use alternative and complementary treatments, and by the lack of research into them.

You are doing a great job, Chris.




Chris Woollams is amazing - found him first when John unwell - he is millionaire scientist turned nutrition expert and researched every cancer treatment when his daughter got a brain tumour. His book (’Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer’) should be read by everyone, preferably before they get it as the info and advice is incredible and balanced. 

So a kick up the backside to get lifestyle right and spend time on what’s really important I think!
Thank you so much,



March 2012


Thank you Chris for sharing your vast knowledge and skilled research findings
I will forward this to my contacts in the world of cancer.



Dear CANCERactive,


Could you please pass on a whole hearted Thank You to all in the team and particularly to Chris Woollams for having the open minded attitude and to have a wonderful website that caters for those who want the best available information and products.

I have been advised to use either E45 Cream or Aqueous Cream when I have my Radiotherapy this was from my hospital Cancer Nurse.  I was also told by the Radiologist to avoid mineral oils and metallic based substances such as Zinc or Aluminium in deodorants.  I came home and got a shock when I checked out what was in E45 Cream and Aqueous Cream, both have soap bases Aqueous Cream isn’t even a moisturiser in the first place but a mild soap and both have mineral oil ingredients, E45 also has Lanolin and I can’t use that.  
There I was casting around thinking I would just have to use Olive Oil and hope for the best when I found the website, the best thing that has happened to me in a long while, so Thank You a million times, I’m off to buy Calendula Oil and dried flowers to for my bath.


Yours, a very grateful happy person,


Dear Chris,


I would like to pass on my best wishes for a wonderful 2012. I’m certainly wishing for a better year after a disastrous time last year with brain cancer. Thank you for writing the amazing book about rainbow foods. It has been a life saver. I’ve been very lazy with my diet over Xmas and now on holiday in Melbourne. At least I’m walking lots.

Thank you again for all your wisdom



 Dec 2011


e mail received

Just wanted to say thank you for the most informative newsletter Ever!

Good luck.



e mail received


Your new blog is awesome. I am delighted that someone has finally had the nerve to attack some of the ridiculous thinking (or rather lack of it), mythology and down right lies coming from the official health industry. Your note on two recent studies on mammograms was exemplary - you do your research and I am not surprised you had almost 2,000 replies to a single blog. ’Junk Science’ it is - and all credit to you for pointing it out to the world.

Professor D.K (USA)





e mail received


I wanted to say - I just love your ’tweets’.

Ms S W (London)


Nov 2011


e mail received

Dear Chris
Thank you for your blog on mammograms, amongst others.  I gave up this very invasive procedure some years ago and have a yearly thermal imaging test instead (at my own expense of course) and to date there is no change in the underlying breast tissue.  As I am approaching 70, luckily I will no longer receive bullying tactics from the hospital trying to get me to have mammograms. I am spreading the word amongst my female friends but ......... 
Thank you all for your continued battle against the misguided!
Best wishes





 Oct 2011


e mail received


Just wanted you to know that yours is the very best cancer web site in America!

Mrs N, Chicago

e mail received
I recently discovered your charitys website, and would like to send a quick personal note and thank you for the obvious care and thought that seems to have gone into writing your website.
Having recently been diagnosed with a serious cancer myself, I have spent much of the last 3-4 weeks studying and researching the many potential alternatives that are out there (what a mine field!!) and it is nice to find a UK based charity that writes about them in such an impartial manner.
As a scientist myself I plan to do some specific and detailed research (and possibly trials) on some of the specialist alternative treatments. Especially ones that fall into the field of Physics. I would be more than pleased to let you have the details of this.
I have signed up to your newsletter and look forward to receiving it on a regular basis.
Once again, many thanks and best regards




Aug 2011



e mail received


Dear Good Soul,


I made a donation as your site is the best I have seen ... in 4 plus years of constant study.


Sincerely and God’s peace be with you,







July 2011


e mail received

Dear Chris,

Just wanted to write and say how much I enjoy getting your emails - they are always so informative and interesting.  Being a big fan of complementary therapies and natural products I find it quite hard to stay ’strong’ in my beliefs when people around me think its a load of rubbish.  Receiving your emails helps encourage me to stick to what I believe.  Also love getting icon which arrived last week and which is always filled with great reading!







e mail received
Dear Canceractive Team,




I thoroughly enjoyed every page of the Rianbow Diet book I purchased and follow the Rainbow diet as closely as I can.   I think what Chris Woollams has done is amazing .
Although very much aware of the importance of eating correctly, before I found out I had brain cancer, I am now super aware and read every little article I can find to further my knowledge. I am once again in control of my life and feel positive I can rid of my cancer in due course.


I would like to thank Chris Woollams for sharing his knowledge and I will no doubt be interested in purchasing future books.









June 2011


e mail received




Hi Chris




I dont know how I ended up subscribing to your mag. But I just want to say, keep up the good work.








I am a celiac. But I spent years in and out of the doctors office with symptoms and complaints. It was ridiculous they kept telling me nothing was wrong (this is about 10 years ago). I finally went to a naturopath who set me on the right road and it changed my life. I lived in Taiwan for a year and wasnt exposed to any dairy and I finally realised that the western diet does not suit me. I had to work this all out for myself and it has given me a totally different outlook on health.


Anyway keep up the fight, its worth it.









e mail received



Hi Chris


Just wanted to say thank you for the informative newsletter. I can imagine how difficult things can get, so thank you for your persistence, it is appreciated

best wishes






April 2011

e mail received


Dear Chris
I recently discovered your charity’s website, and would like to send a quick personal note and thankyou for the obvious care and thought that seems to have gone into writing your website.
Having recently been diagnosed with a serious cancer myself, I have spent much of the last 3-4 weeks studying and researching the many potential alternatives that are out there.. what a mine field!!, and it is nice to find a UK based charity that writes about them in such an impartial manner.
As a scientist myself I plan to do some specific and detailed research (and possibly trials) on some of the specialist alternative treatments. Especially ones that fall into the field of Physics. I would be more than pleased to let you have the details of this.
I have signed up to your newsletter and look forward to receiving it on a regular basis.
Once again, many thanks and best regards



e mail received



And I should also mention that I am really thrilled and happy to hear about the work you are doing for CANCERactive! Well done Marilyn you are doing something amazing.  Its a great charity and XXXX has derived a huge amount of strength and belief from that charity, their books and website.



e mail received


Dear Chris

I firmly believe that cancers come from traumas and negartive events / emotions / attitudes.
The medics think I’m off my trolley not to let them cut away my breast, my pectoral, three ribs and the intervening inter-costals (’just to be sure’) followed by chemo.
No thank you. I’ll carry on living, supported by many marvellous people I’ve encountered on my journey and through my research, by my faith and through people like you and your team at icon.
We will not be silenced. We are not slabs of meat or chemical experiments, we are complex beings in whom body, mind and soul are intrinsically linked. The day medics realise this will be the day we make REAL strides into cancer research and cure.
My very best wishes and thanks for being our detective and our supporter,



e mail received

Dear Chris,
Thanks very much for your email. Re NHS dietary advice - I went to the Beating Bowel Cancer annual achievement awards day last Saturday and managed to speak to their CEO Mark Flanagan. I told him there was a  great need for better diet / nutritional advice for cancer patients  from hospitals and asked him if Beating Bowel Cancer could help put pressure on hospitals to improve this . I hope he will act on this. I will let you know if I hear any more about it. Its so difficult not being able to discuss dietary / supplements advice etc when you see the 
oncologist and also being offered unsuitable food in the oncology units. I am very grateful to you & Icon for all that you do to help cancer sufferers try to beat their illnesses. I am still struggling myself but persevering. 
Please keep up the good work. If only more of the cancer charities would try to bridge the gap between what the NHS says and some of the excellent alternative/natural advice out there. They could do a lot to help the situation. I really feel that its time for a breakthrough to make a lot of the advice such as in icon more mainstream and available to a lot more patients.
With very best wishes to you and everyone at icon.



October 2010

Letter Received

Dear Chris,
I had breast cancer four years ago, went through chemo surgery bla bla and have been on Tamoxifen ever since, now because of a random CT scan they are telling me it may have gone to my stomach and maybe at the bottom of my spine. I am not scared of cancer I am scared of the Doctors, some are very good ..some not, but I have become increasingly frustrated at how narrowly they look at the body. Bizzarly I have never felt so good, I excercise every day and have what I thought was a good diet, have acupunture and am in a very good place in my life. My body feels strong, so whatever is there, is not winning, thats why the Doctors scare me because the only time I ever feel or felt ill was when I go near a hospital.
Anyway I have found your site and love it, you make so much sense, stuff as a layman and cancer patient I have been banging on about for years you have researched and show me that I’m right, at the moment I am angry more than anything else, why aren’t patients told to exercise, why is the best diet advice they give is to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, why do they just fill us with drugs and almost wait for us to die.
I have got a copy of your book, the Rainbow Diet, and as you said I have been dipping in and out of various diets half doing the non dairy maybe knowing what I should be doing but not always following it, I  truly believe especially with what I am learning from your book that I can control and even cure whatever is going on inside me.
I think you are amazing and thank you for all your hard work. As I said I am an angry patient with loads of energy, I ’m not very good at the science bit but I can be very vocal, I would love at some level to get involed with CANCERactive, it just makes so much sense.
I am maybe just at the start of my next journey, I don’t feel afraid I feel empowered and strong, I shall continue to gain knowledge from you and your books and try and help other people to feel as empowered as I do.
Your sincerely
Name withheld on writer’s request



November 2010


e mail received

Just wanted to say I love and admire you all for what you do for us.
M xx



e mail received

You and your organization are amazing.
My daughter will be head to England for university next year.  When I visit, I hope to come by and meet all of you.  You have played a big part in saving my life. :)


e mail received


Dear Chris,
I had breast cancer four years ago, went through chemo surgery bla bla and have been on Tamoxifen ever since, now because of a random CT scan they are telling me it may have gone to my stomach and maybe at the bottom of my spine. I am not scared of cancer I am scared of the Doctors, some are very good ..some not, but I have become increasingly frustrated at how narrowly they look at the body. Bizzarly I have never felt so good, I excercise every day and have what I thought was a good diet, have acupunture and am in a very good place in my life. My body feels strong, so whatever is there, is not winning, thats why the Doctors scare me because the only time I ever feel or felt ill was when I go near a hospital. 
Anyway I have found your site and love it, you make so much sense, stuff as a layman and cancer patient I have been banging on about for years you have researched and show me that I’m right, at the moment I am angry more than anything else, why aren’t patients told to exercise, why is the best diet advice they give is to eat five portions of fruit and veg a day, why do they just fill us with drugs and almost wait for us to die.
I have got a copy of the rainbow diet and as you said I have been dipping in and out of various diets half doing the non dairy maybe knowing what I should be doing but not always following it, I  truly believe especially with what I am learning from your book that I can control and even cure whatever is going on inside me.
I think you are amazing and thank you for all your hard work. As I said I am an angry patient with loads of energy, I ’m not very good at the science bit but I can be very vocal, I would love at some level to get involed with cancer active, it just makes so much sense.
I am maybe just at the start of my next journey, I don’t feel afraid I feel empowered and strong, I shall continue to gain knowledge from you and your books and try and help other people to feel as empowered as I do.
Your sincerely



e mail received

Dear Chris & co
Firstly, thank you for your wonderful web site - which is probably the best online support one could have for dealing with cancer. Very balanced, very informative.
I have used it professionally, as an oncology massage therapist, and now as someone who has had breast cancer. I don’t think I would have been able to get through the past few months and my decision to not have conventional adjunct therapies (radiation), without the Active8 programme.
But I would like to suggest something. I note on your complementary therapies page that you don’t mention massage at all. I know this can be a quagmire as not all massage (or massage therapist’s work) is beneficial for people with cancer BUT the, now not so new any more, field of oncology massage most certainly makes this an option. Do have a look at the Society for Oncology Massage’s web site There are many links from there too. Many of the integrative centres in USA you mention on your site, e.g. M D Anderson and Sloan-Kettering (to mention only a few) have oncology massage included in the treatment programmes. There are also many studies and research being conducted (and have been some major ones in recent past) on the benefits of oncology massage.
I work in both Australia, where I live, and in South Africa, where I come from.
Keep up your wonderful work! No words can thank you for what this has meant to me.
Warmest regards

Chris: We will set someone onto it today!!!


e mail received


Hello Mr Woollams
I have used your website almost since it was set up. Absolutely invaluable, and your reporting of research into curative substances has helped me to achieve survival of 7.5 years having just surgery, and no other ’treatment’.  So thank you for that. Taking the decision to go the natural path to good health is not one I regret.  Basically I haven’t felt ill, which is wonderful.
However, the reason for this email is to suggest that you put the contents of your website onto DVD and sell it. Obviously it will have to have a date on it, so we know where it is up to, but as long as you include all the gems eg about phenergan for example, then if the worst comes to the worst, we will have a copy to browse at home.  I know I would pay for it.
Best wishes in your enterprise.



Oct 2010

e mail received

Dear Chris Woollams,
I thought you and your readers might like to about some of the side effects of Xloda we have experienced.
The side effects of chemotherapy drug Xloda have severely effected my partner Margaret Chin
Before starting this course Margaret was very fit, cycling over three miles, three or four times a week.
She was prescribed a six month Xloda course by Oncologist Dr Stein of UCHL London.
Started course May 2010.
The side effects began to show themselves within two months.
They were,
(1)   Severe abdominal bloating with fluid retention
(2)   Fluid build-up in the lungs
(3)   Lost of appetite
(4)   Inability to digest food.
(5)   Severe Muscle wastage
We decide that her condition was life threatening and she was admitted to Hospital
( UCHL ward T14) in September 2010.
In Hospital Fluid was drained from her stomach.
She was sent home after a few days
She returned to UCHL in October to remove fluid from her lungs and again stomach
Macmillan Nurse has suggested that we got to Marie Curie Hospice Centre to Build up Margarets strength.
The Oncology department UHC has suggested an alternative chemotherapy Taxol
Yours faithfully



August 2010



e mail received


Dear Chris,

Ive only just come across your magazine, which I found very interesting and informative.  Your latest email which includes an update on Avastin has been sent on to me by the person who introduced me to the mag, because I am being treated with Avastin.

I was to have attended the NICE appraisal of the drug last year, as a patient expert but the date was changed and I was unable to go to the rearranged meeting.

I started on the drug in Feb 2008, alongside paclitaxel, as part of a drugs trial of a new chemo drug which I didnt get; I was in the control arm of the trial.  I had the Avastin every fortnight and the paclitaxel every week for three weeks running and then a week off.  In October 2008, the paclitaxel was stopped; I had so many side effects, including peripheral neuropathy that was quite severe.  However, Ive been on the Avastin ever since and for me, it has been a miracle drug.  I do have side effects, bad migraines sometimes and tiredness and yes, small allergies, but on the whole, I have got my life back for almost two years with nothing like the side effects of chemo, which would have been the only alternative for me since I have a triple neg diagnosis and it was an aggressive cancer, spread to the bones before being picked up even though I was still being monitored after my first diagnosis in 2004.

I am the only person left now from my trial, and its finished actually, though the drug company continues to supply the Avastin for me, ethically, after a bit of a argument! But of the others who I knew in the trial, none came off because it wasnt working even after a year, but because it raised blood pressure or caused kidney problems.  Neither of these things has affected me and I just want to point out that though Avastin may not work for the majority, for some of us, it does, really wonderfully and I dont want other women like me to be denied the chance of a few precious years that they might get, of high quality of life, instead of long term low grade chemo, which isnt so good at all, and has equally bad or far worse side effects.

Hope this is helpful in putting another point of view, from my own experience.

Best wishes and I shall be subscribing to the mag. in future!



CHRIS: Although a few self-styled ’Quackbusters’ try to make out (as one said) that I am a voice for the supplements industry, I am not. I am a voice for the cancer patient. And we have 94 drugs covered on our web site. If a treatment helps someone survive cancer - be it Avastin or vitamin D, you will find the Truth on this web site. We covered the FDA concerns over Avastin - and we are happy to cover your praise of it too.



July 2010



e mail received


Dear Chris,

 Firstly I wanted to say thank you for this brilliantly supportive and

informative website.

Since my father’s diagnosis with a rare duodenal adenocarcinoma and Whipple

Procedure in March 2010, I have been finding myself coming back to this

website regularly-each time learning something new or setting me off on my

own internet research based on your recommendations.  This has been

particularly important as there is so little out there in terms of concrete

information regarding this rare cancer.

Yours sincerely,




June 2010


e mail received

Hi Chris
Just want to tell you that a friend of mine had lung cancer, I purchased your book which I sent to her and she lived on the food you mentioned for the last year or so.  She is now free of cancer although she had chemotherapy which obviously helped.  She is convinced the diet was the factor in this.  So a big thank you from her and from me too she is a friend of my mum’s and a very special person.
kind regards


May 2010

Letter received

"Many thanks for the icon magazine.  I picked up a copy at my local hospital but I would like to receive my own copy.  I find it most interesting.

Please can I get icon  on a regular basis.  Thank you".
P.S.  Well done and God Bless to all of your team.  Keep up the wonderful work.
Mrs A W

CHRIS: We have almost finished our ’Members area’ inside the web site. For a donation of 3 pounds a month on Direct Debit, anyone may have access. All the magazines we have ever done will be in there and downloadable; the latest icon will be in a turning pages format. If you live in the UK we will send you a normal copy. There will also be a forum and chat room, discounts on books, toxin free products and supplements, and a conference call facility - we will be running our own programmes. 


e mail received

Dear Chris
I received the copies of icon as promised thank-you. I am extremely impressed by your commitment and research, it is brilliant when there isnt time for us to search it out for ourselves, but as practitioners, up to date information is vital. I look forward to your next issue.
L B MNIMH (member of the National Institute of Medical Herbalists).


A special e mail received


My father was recently diagnosed with nasal cancer late last year; which was obviously a big shock to all of us given the rather healthy lifestyle he led. His experience is a testament that cancer is a non-discriminatory disease; and as we move on to live our lives, extraordinary care has to be given to ourselves first and foremost. Whilst chemotherapy was an obvious option; after seeking further advice and much research, we decided to use alternative treatment, involving daily biowave treatment, combined with supplements and a highly controlled diet. His cancer cells and tumour activity is measured on a regular basis; and recent reports have shown a general decrease; despite fluctuations.

The decision to do this skydive*came about when I was considering what would make my 21st most meaningful. I hated being helpless; and consciously researched about the disease, coming to the realisation that alternative information is sadly lacking despite the progress weve made in the medical field. Canceractive fills the gap exactly with all the information each cancer warrior should know, without imposing; and thats why I have decided to channel my funds thus.

We, as a family have great faith that my father will win this battle against cancer; and I want CANCERactive to continue what they do, so others too, can be empowered to live well.

So please do find a place in your heart to contribute!

Many thanks, hopefully this will boost the contributions up!


* You can find out more about Sarahs fundraising by clicking here



e mail received


I just want to say that your website is great and the work behind it!
I am fighting a brain tumor and have gathered information from many places, books, persons and others. Amongst these sources are Conventional cancer cures - Whats the alternative and Everything you need to know. Great books! Now I was back again to visit your site and checked out for news and found a lot of interesting things. The best is the tone that the whole approach has: informative and avoiding all type of hypes. I get a feeling of trustworthiness. And I now bought the book Rainbow diet, which is I think something that can help strengthen the vegan mainly raw food diet I do have developed the last 1,5 years which help of two health homes and all the earlier mentioned information.
My best regards,



April 2010


e mail received


I came across your icon magazine at an outpatient clinic at the Yorkshire Cancer Centre in Leeds. I have to say, I was very impressed. Having had cancer twice, I know the difficulties I have experienced in not only finding relevant information, but also finding positive and inspiring paths to take. I applaud the fact that you cover not just orthodox treatments, but also alternative and complementary treatments as well. I very much believe that knowledge IS power.   
Kind Regards,


e mail received
Dear Sir/Madam
I have just read your magazine from front to back - I could not put it
down! Thanks for putting in such effort and making it so user friendly.
Mrs B F



e mail received


Dear Cancer Active team

My secretary Emily just said that you called to check if we had received a box of the Spring edition of ICON.


We have received them, and I just wanted to thank you very much for them. My patients really appreciate them while they are waiting and having treatment with me!


Best wishes





March 2010



e mail received


Hi Chris,

Ive bought the book rainbow diet, which Im finding an excellent read and full of priceless information. Many thanks for your positive approach and the blood sweat and tears you must have experienced in putting it together.


Many thanks.

Yours respectfully Paul.



January 2010


e mail received

Dear Chris,
You sent me a Personal Prescription at the end of 2006 and I would like you to know what a huge and important role it had in my life. I was afraid and alarmed , and getting but piecemeal (and often conflicting) information from the established medical world, insecure. Your PP was a lifeline. Suddenly I had information I could trust, and a plan of action.  I had hope and could cope.  This is the biggest gift you can give another human being.

There was so much to change in my life, and so much that was new, that I overlooked your tip on Vit D. It seems to be as good as unknown here in Germany. None of my (many,alas) doctors has mentioned it. No word on it at the Rehabilitation Centre. Nothing to be found in the offical Cancer Help Brochures. Then in Internet last month I came across a documentary that deals with the findings of many independent studies on Vit D that have been going on over the last few years. Mind boggling.

I was advised to take Chemotherapy over a 5 year period. This therapy, which would have damaged parts of my body for life, and which would have been a daily burden with the implanted foreign body, a total stress physically and mentally, was recommended on the grounds it would diminish the likelihood of the reoccurance of cancer by 5%.

In comparison, Vit D, taken correctly, is great for the bones, has no horrible side effects, has possible benefits (still being researched) for the heart, is an anti-depressant etc, and the studies now coming in show a reduction of the reoccurance of cancer of not 5% but from 50%-70%! And nobody but you is talking about it!!!!!!!

I will send you the internet link and programm via a second mail.  Maybe you can use it somehow or make it available on your sites. You are such an important disseminator of information.

All the best for 2010



December 2009


e mail received

Dear Chris,
Have just received the e-mail & have visited the new website.
What can I say
Thank you for all the work you & your team have put in.
At last I have found a Cancer charity I am happy to donate to. Thats a few birthday & Christmas presents solved!
Best wishes for the future & more power to your elbow!
A Cotterall


November 2009


e mail received

Dear Chris Woollams

Many thanks again for your talk at Southampton some weeks ago. Im really pleased I bought The Rainbow Diet -  full of really valuable up-to-date info and Im sure Ill be recommending it very highly when I give my talks on alternative to cancer
Good wishes for your great work,


e mail received


After a terminal prognosis of 6 months with malignant melanoma stage 4 given at 11.00 a.m. on December 19th 2003, I admit to being repeatedly astonished and truly delighted  - again by my latest scan result today STABLE
After a whole year without a scan, tension mounted, I was aware of natural aging challenging the efficiency of my immune system, the pressures of living through the financial crisis, etc, etc, etc I feared
The truth is I was right to be careful, to keep in sight the fragility of good health and to focus and support my body in its challenge and in that there is certainly more I can do (waistline! )
The truth is that there are no visible new lesions and that the one remaining lesion is smaller WOW!
I am so GRATEFUL for this extra time a bonus which I honour and I hope to use even more wisely
And I am so grateful to those who have helped me and continue to do so so many people have helped and I am hugely grateful to every one.
Special mentions are:
-my family and friends who have given me inspiration and have kept showing me the light, love and smiles of life, so that I look beyond the darkness of inevitable but apparently ever distant self-grief
-Professor Gus Dalgleish and the Cancer Vaccine Institute for their wisdom and understanding and guidance. When I repeatedly hear of so many more youthful lives under threat, I know that Guss challenging, wisdom and determinatioin so justly deserves funding and the donations so necessary to carry science forward and help save the lives of the one in three of us who get cancer.

-The Penny Brohn Centre that opened my eyes to the possibility that complementary therapies could and do help make a difference
-Marion Howells and the Journey for bringing me towards truth and an increasingly healthier enjoyment of life (and Professor Alistair Cunnigham for his research studies that endorse such an approach as making a difference for many, an approach in which I am still increasing confidence)
-The icon  Magazine issued by CancerActive for its wise guidance and support
-various fellow warriors on the web who have inspired me by their own stories and guidance or who have touched me by their own challenges
Love and Healing


October 2009


e mail received

Hello - and thank you for the latest edition of your excellent magazine.
We always read it from cover to cover - and then start again.

I was fortunate to be able to get along to Southampton recently, to hear Chris give an informative talk, in laymans terms, that everyone could understand.It was really encouraging to hear a qualified and informative presentation on the dangers of 21st century living - and what we could do on a positive note - to reduce the risk of developing cancers. I purchased more copies of your books to give away to those in need and use every opportunity to tell people about your website and resources.

Losing our only son to a brain tumour in 2002, and suffering at the hands of misinformation and heavy treatment from the medical profession, it was affirming to realise that we are not alone. And much of what we discovered whilst nursing him and since, confirms what you advocate and teach.

My husband and I have a strong Christian faith - and know the following, from the Bible - Hosea 4:6 to be true - "my people are destroyed from lack of knowledge"

What you offer is information to allow individuals to make enlightened choices about their bodies and futures, when confronted with life-threatening illness.

Thank you so much Chris - and all who help you in the worthwhile services you offer.

A worthy tribute to your precious daughter, Catherine.

Mark & Lynette


Dear Chris,

Thank you so much for the brilliant lecture you gave in Southampton last Tuesday evening. Although I didnt learn a great  deal that was new - having read all your books, magazines and most of  your web pages - it meant so much more to hear you actually talk  through the process and options.
 Two of my friends (fellow patients) and I all felt wed slipped a bit  in our commitment to looking after our health in recent months, and  hearing you inspired us to get right back on track.

 Also - for me - you hit exactly the right place between seriousness  and humour. Great ending!
 I remain deeply grateful to you for your time and commitment to the  cause of cancer beating.
 N M



September 2009

e mail received

Very very sadly my sister-in-laws condition has today rapidly deteriorated and we have been informed that only has a matter of days. We made the decision not to give her the liver flush yesterday as she was very weak and felt diarrhoea may serve to excerbate this. However we did give her Vitamin K, D, Probiotics, Selenium and Astragalus, along with various freshly squeezed vegetable and fruit juices, and other foodstuffs recommended in The Rainbow Diet.
As I previously mentioned, sadly my discovery of your site has come too late for my sister-in-law but may I take the opportunity of thanking you, Chris and all your colleagues so very much for giving such hope to cancer sufferers and their families. I have recommended the site to many already and now I am in possession of both your Rainbow Diet and Eat to Beat Cancer Books, these will at least serve as some kind of legacy to Anna; that her family are now armed with more knowledge with which to be able to hopefully, remain healthy and cancer-free, fingers crossed.
Wishing you every success in all that you do.
With Kindest Regards,



August 2009



Letter received


When my sister, Heather died in March this year we asked money to be donated to CANCERactive instead of flowers.   Heather was still reading an icon magazine a fortnight before she died.  I had taken it into hospital to give to one of the nurses. 

Heather was very determined to overcome her cancer in such a way that it wouldnt come back again.  She treated herself from every angle.  She did lots of research, took a whole bucket full of supplements that had been shown to help with cancer. She changed things in her house, filtered her water, changed to juicing and organic food, consulted various health professionals and detoxed herself physically and mentally.  I hope she wont mind me saying that at times she was a troubled lady and this didnt help her recovery.  The one thing she didnt do was have the mastectomy that the oncologist advised her to have as she believed very strongly it wasnt the answer and no-one could persuade her otherwise. 

We have all learnt many lessons from this experience, maybe me more than anyone else as I work every day for the health and wellbeing of my clients as a former nurse and complementary therapist.   Heather has shown me to live life more, less with the handbrake on, forget the worries and concentrate on spontaneity and joy.  Heather and I spent time together in her last weeks, travelling to hospital appointments in Lincoln.  We found we really appreciated every detail of nature, the daffodils, blossom, snowdrops and wildlife.  Ill make sure I never get so busy again as to miss that.  She died on the most beautiful spring day and Ill forever associate those days with her.

In her honour, Im doing a skydive and trek to Machu Pichu in Peru for CANCERactive.  I had been thinking about doing this for years but last August when I realised Heather was so ill, I had one of those lifes too short moments and booked it.  Whenever Heather needed any information about cancer we found what we wanted on their website.  So far Ive raised 3000 for Cancer Active and intend to raise 5000.  I was due to fly to Peru in March but cancelled when Heather became very ill.  Im now rebooking for later on this year.  




e mail received


hello chris

thank you for writing your rainbow diet book i have almost read it all and hope that it can help me in my fight against cancer



June 2009


e mail received

I have been reading Everything You Need to Know to Help You Beat Cancer and its companion book The Anti-Cancer Diet
and been blown away by the information. I have read and re-read the first book so many times; made notes and produced posters for my kitchen wall! I have even begun lecturing anyone who will listen ( family & friends) about diet and water quality.
I am very interested in your ICON  mag which I think I read was an online magazine. Please could you let me know how I subscribe. I would also then be able to order books from you.
I would also be very grateful if you could pass on my regards to Chris Woollams. What he has done in pooling together all this research is truly remarkable.
 Thank you
 yours faithfully,
 J W



May 2009

e mail received

Thank you so much for your lovely email; my family and I are so touched with all the help and kindness that both yourself and Patricia have shown. 

Before, we all felt as if we were just staring down the biggest, darkest, black hole imaginable, with little strength or hope left.  I cant even begin to explain how incredibly difficult and emothional this past 12 months have been for each of us. We reached a point where we couldnt see the woods for the trees.  Thankfully, since your help and Patricias guidance we have all, including my mother, found new strength and hope again to fight some more!

With kindest regards



e mail received


Dear Sir/madam,
..... Your web site has been a sense of comfort to me and also info. Indeed that is how I found out about Dr Callebout and now have
him as my alternative doctor.
I look forward to hearing from you,
kind regards,



April 2009


e mail received

You and your organization are fantastic.  Thank you for everything you do.  You are truly awe-inspiring.  I wish you could create a clone and send it to the states.
Have a great day,



Dear Chris,


I was delighted with your great book review on "Healing -the Gerson Way" as published in icon.

The entire Gerson group is working hard to spread the "healing information" as far and wide as possible and we are very grateful for the understanding and helpful reports such as you provided. We hope, of course, that the knowledge of healing will reach all people who are searching for help - which allopathic medicine is not providing!

You are correctly pointing out some omissions and I will make a great effort to make certain additons in the next edition to clear up questions. I am impressed with your missing information on friendly bacteria. You are so right, these arer extremely important.

I am also taking this opportunity to explain one problem that we are always facing. As you point out, it is certainly not the lack of a "double blind study". It is, however, the difficulty of providing accurate statistics of healed patients. First of all, as the book clearly points out , it takes a full two years for the body and all its defences to be completely restored. Swe have no way of following the patients for two yeras to know that they adhere strictly to the complex prescriptions.

The second problem is that we see almost exclusively patients in terminal condition.  When patients first discover a problem, they consult their "regular" doctor and are then given the damaging drug, radiation or surgery treatments. When these have failed, and the patients realise that their doctor cannot help them, they look for other methods. Thus, more than 95% of patients presenting for Gerson Therapy are in terminal condition! If we now do statistics, to what would they be compared Regular hospitals, university clinics or doctors in private practice do not present statistics of almost exclusively teminal patients. Those are elimintaed almost immediately,  or die very shortly. Their statistics cover early cases and, as you know, methods are being pushed more and more for "early detection", which help to present "Long Term recoveries".

I am so happy that you are actively pushing "the good word"! And if you come to San Diego next year (or anytime for that matter) ypou are heartily invited to come to the Mexican Gerson hospital with me and make rounds! Its such an incredible experience to see the results, to see "terminal" patients hopeful, rosy cheeked, piling their plates with good, organic food, chatting and laughing at table!! Different from a cancer floor or doining room in any hospital.

May your strides continue to help and inform people!

All the very best

Charlotte Gerson



This is my simple story:


My sisters son who only turned 31 in September 2008 was fighting for his life on the 3rd and 4th October after having gastis flu symptons. We lost him within 24 hours to a "sudden onset" of Acute Lymphoblasic Leukaemia... 5 in a million when it comes to adults! 200 cases per year in the UK.... I asked the doctors what triggers this type of cancer and one of them replied radiation! After asking her what type of radiation, she said nuclear and x-ray and since he had not come into contact with either, I asked about pylons! She said that its not proven! Ilet her know that even the government has said to not to build new houses next to pylons. I am so gutted because I advise people everyday about harmful effects of Electro Magnetic Radiation and my own nephew did not listen to me! Apparently, he worked near pylons, and worked on computers all day! I did give them the Small Green8s for the phones but that is not sufficient!

We all know that so many things compromise our immune systems, like....Antibiotics,X-rays, Chemotherapy, Vaccinations, Alcohol & Cigarettes, Chemicals,Unnecessary Surgeries,, Sugar & Fat, Vehicle Fumes, Stress, Cosmetics and Radiation. We can avoid mnay things from the above list but radiation is a difficult one! Whether we like it or not Electro Smog is all around us which is why we started Bio Protective Systems selling Green8 Products.

I hope my concerns help other readers.




Dear Chris,



I am 54 and have felt for years that mammography is not right for me and many others. Thank you so very much for all this information in your e-newsletter on breast cancer, which I have passed on to other friends. I will need to do some local research ( I live in Perthshire, Scotland!) into thermography and where to access to this form of screening. I read your helpful magazine icon and also pass that on to friends. My work (at Macmillan House) gets copies for their patients which is good.

Thank you for all the wonderful research and work you havce done from the more "alternative/complementary" angle, I truly beleive that "wellness"/good health needs a practical but holistic approach.

All the very best with your work.




Sadly Kent passed away 14 October 2008. He had contracted gastro enteritis and 11 days later died.


We fought so hard to get Tarceva prescribed for his secondary lung cancer and after 19 months we finally got it. All signs of the lung cancer had disappeared after the last PET scan but, thinking that it was his oeshagus which had been burnt by his radiotherapy, the pain that he was complaining of was dismissed. Sadly, it was later diagnosed as oesphagus cancer just 8 weeks before he died. The Tarceva had wiped out his immune system, so Kent had nothing left to fight the virus.

He faithfully took all his supplements and followed an integrated treatment programme as advocated by CANCERactive. He continued to wpork full time until coming down with the gastro enteritis.

Kent died suddenly on the Tuesday evening while we watched TV and joked about Britains Best Dish.

His oncologist was shocked, as he said the pancreatic tumour had shrunk 2cms in a month and if anyone was going to beat it , it would have been Kent. Clearly something complementary was working for him. Thank you Chris for your magazine. if it had not been for icon being placed in Cookridge when we went to see the oncologist for a second opinion regarding the very first prostate cancer treatment, Kent would not have had such a full life while having treatment.

Kind thoughts




Many , many thanks for the good advice.

I was diagnosed with Bowel Cancer, I read your book and followed it to the word.

My cancer went, before I had the Op!! No Chemo.

Just Graviola, apricot seeds, reverse osmosis filtre, became a vegan, no fats only olive oil, plus daily hemp oil, no teflon, no aluminium, shaved head, stop toxic shampoos, turn off plug sockets, check all ingredients, did gall bladder and liver cleanse, live on fresh pressed fruits (not orange as is acid), worked on an alkaline body, almonds (non USA as pasteurised), brasil nuts, raw vegetablkes, really boring, decaf green tea and coffee, nil dairy produce. Take milk thistle, black cohosh, gingo bilbo, ginseng, garlic, sage, Vit C no apartame, etc. etc.

Hard work but it has not returned!!!

Had lots of tests every 8 months, refused Ct scans, mainly camera jobs, I am clean and very healthy 63 year old. My sister weho sent me your book from Australia is dying, she did not read it and believe it.

I try and pass on your good advice, but people say " I cant give up my fags and chips and beer!!!" Oh dear.

Thank you

MJ Portsmouth England



Dear CANCERactive,


Thank you so much for replying to my email so quickly - I am sure you are all too aware of the urgency that I feel in obtaining as much information as I can for my sister to enable her to make an informed decision. The details that you have sent me have been really helpful and I have passed them on to my sister who is already in the process of trying to contatct Dr Etienne Callebout and will now try to get in touch with patricia Peat as well.

I am so pleased that you have mentioned her organisation because this is exactly the kind of help that I was looking for. I would just like to say what  fantastic website you have with such a wealth of information on such a complex subject. My uncle had a battle with colon cancer last year and I have just found out that your website and newsletter were of great help to him.

So this is another thank you on his behalf (he is now in remission and following one of the diet plans to maintain it).

Kind regards



Dear Chris,


E Newsletter

Love your articles and the important life saving info. Please note my change of e-mail address - I dont want to miss out. We have absolutely no information like this where I live.




Hi Chris,

You dont know me but I knew of your during advertising days - i ran a radio production company in SOHO.

I have recently come through invasive breast cancer and worked with, among others, Etienne Callebout - who is, as you know, an extraordinary individual.

I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart  - lungs, spleen, tips of my fingers and everything else in my fabulous body - for your unceasing help, drive, focus, information and loving dedication to what you do.

A big, big hug from me.

With love




e mail received


Just opened my post and wanted to say Thank you for todays post !! I read the first paragraph thinking WHAAAT!!! Then realised what was going on. Brought a Big smile to my face and brightened the day. Thank you. And while Im at it, thank you for a great magazine and website. Its a relief to find a site I can trust and where I can come for recommendations. Thank you so much !!
Wishing you and all who work with you health and happiness.



March 2009


Extract from e mail received

........ I would also like to say  how much I appreciate the help and information I have had from your website and magazine.It has been an invaluable resource for me  since I was diagnosed with breast cancer 14 months ago.
Many thanks



Dear Jane
Many thanks for the parcel of ICON magazines which arrived this week - they are on their way all round the area! The one Ive looked at was, as usual, full of interesting items.
Good luck with all your valuable work
Kind regards



Extract from e mail received


Last,but definitely not least, thanks for the life line that you have been to me and my family whilst on the cancer journey. It took me a while to find you but I got there in the end and it was reassuring to find the evidence to support an approach I had already begun - its stop me feeling I was out there on a limb. Keep up the fantastic work, may you always feel supported and loved.
Kind regards



February 2009


Extract from e mail received

Thanks  Ill look out for it on the website.  Im doing ok, just introduced another fellow patient to your website and hope hell try some of the things.  Icon was fabulous reading at the weekend.  (I just wish I found your website 2.5yrs ago when I was diagnosed!). 




Dear Chris
I just read the article on Vit D3 in Januarys editition and guess what  I had a bad fall down 14 steps in my home, head first on to a stone floor in Dec 2008. Having taken Vit D since I saw it first advertised in the Natural Selection shop, I never broke a bone nor did I have any other injuries (except profuse bleeding from a torn eyelid) as the doctors of the A & E dept. of the hospital told me, except that I had quite a lot of pain in my head, neck and shoulders which is now altogether gone.
Sheer luck I dont think so, it must have been all the vits I swallow apart from a very healthy diet and a deep faith in my God Jehovah.  As an octogenarian I am very happy to be still alive with all the problems I had in the past 6 years.  Keep up the good work.
Kind regards
PS If there are any grammatical errors: English is not my mother tongue





I regularly look at the website and find it very informative and I also have two of  Chris Woollams books. My husband had chemo for testicular cancer in 2007 and still goes for regular check ups. He attends Velindre Cancer Hospital near Cardiff but says he has never seen a copy of icon in the clinic and I wondered if you distribute the magazine to that hospital and if not if you could begin to do so.None of his doctors have ever talked about any treatments available other than the conventional ones, and I think they should be aware of all the research which is going on by people such as Chris and his organisation .
Many thanks for your help
Best Wishes

(Ed: The hospital told us they did not want to take our magazine anymore. Apparently one specialist had views that differed from the research we communicated in icon. We can understand your upset and concerns)



Hello Chris


Your advice has helped my wife and I thank you.

I read about the flaxseed and the late Dr Budwig. She is a sad loss to us all - I never knew about her until your latest newsletter.

Flaxseed Oil was recommended to me for an eye ailment. Now I am going to ask my wife to try it. She is currently in remission.

Thanks for your insight and God bless you.





Dear Chris, 
This is interesting as recently I was rushed into hospital with a suspected acute appendicitis and had all the various tests and my appendix and the rest of my vital organs were fine. I mentioned that I think the problem was related to wheat and diary and the hospital did not take me seriously. The hospital could not fine a reason for the pain.
I cut out both diary, milk, meat, wheat, refined sugar and fried food and the pain went completely away, when I re-introduced the offending foods the problem came back again. I now eat mainly fresh fruit and vegetables and have swapped diary for hazelnut milk and occasionaly eat fish and eggs, I have introduced nuts and drink plently of water. I feel so much healthier on this new diet. Also I take supplements too.
It is a shame that hospitals are not educated in nutrition as this would save a lot of time and get to the cause of the problem a lot faster.
Thanks for your helpful news letter.
Kind regards.



Dear Chris
A very belated thank you for sending me your excellent book, The Rainbow
It is superb, well researched, well written, and presented most 
helpfully for a lay readership
I believe that my profession would also be interested in helping their 
patients with such wise and common sense advice. It should be 
prescribed reading for medical students.
Best wishes
A. T.



Dear Chris


I was at the Neways healthy show on Sunday and found your talk very informative and interesting. I bought your book "The Rainbow Diet" and signed uo for the e newsletter, which I received yesterday.

What I have read is again interesting and a s a result I would like to make a donation to the charity. Do keep up the good work.

Best wishes




Thank you for your wonderful magazine - icon - there is not enough information out there - and yours is truly brilliant.





Dear Chris,


I was diagnosed with a large Grade 3 Anaplastic Oligoastrocytoma in June 2004 which had been causing systems since November 1998. I believe if I hadnt got my hands on a copy of "Everything you need to know to help you beat cancer" I wouldnt be here now. I took most of the supplements advised and I am still taking most of them apart from Astragalus.





Dear Mr Woollams,

Thank you for sending me a link to your website. I have found the information I was looking for, but through sheer interest and enjoyment I have spent most of this afternoon browsing the CANCERactive website!

What a great site, its packed with really interesting & useful information. You and the team at CANCERactive are doing a great job, really empowering the nation with  information so that patients & others can make informed decisions.

Well done to you all.

Kind regards




Many thanks for sending me the latest batch of icon - Im gradually sending it out and about via my shiatsu clients!


Many thanks too for your help with my nutritional medicine assignment - which Im glad to say I managed to pass - Im sure helped by your information!

Kind regards and best wishes for your work.




Dear All at CANCERactive,

I have eagerly devoured all your information on your website, in your magazine and in Chris newsletters and books for the past threee and a half years and am immensely grateful for every word.

Yours most sincerely




Hi Chris,


I would like to say a big thank you to you for the encouragement and positiveness your book gave to me and my husband John when he was diagnosed with a terminal brain tumour. Your inspirational words encourged us to go on with a positive outlook when conventional medicine had little effect.

Good luck in the future for whatever you do.

Best wishes




Hi Chris,


I am going to your talk at The Wirral with an unwilling husband who "does not want to be depressed" about talking about cancer. This is the man who has bowel cancer that has gone to his liver, who fought with me not to take your advice from your book, but did so anyway, "no harm in giving it a try" he says.

He is alive today because of you, not the powers that be. The Butterfly* certainly does flap her wings and what a beautiful butterfly she is.

Keep going Chris, you are truly inspirational.


* To read about The Butterfly click here.



Hello Mr Woollams


Keep up the good work - I am a staunch supporter of yours! In Feb 2003 I was diagnosed with breast cancer and took the Gerson/Plaskett route back to health after I had surgery. I have blood work done every 3 months or so and they have been stable over the last few years.

It will be five years soon and I was given only a 30% chance of getting there. More people need to know about these options and even more importantly, more need to know about these successes. I attribute my success to not having any systemic therapy, depsite the urgings and pleadings of the one oncologist I saw. (When 5 years comes up, I will send him a really nice card to remind him.)

Are you covering the research on DCA I have an excellent GP who prescribes Iscador and low dose Naltrexone for me. He will also prescribe Phenergan if necessary. I wonder whether he will prescribe DCA However, that is just another option and there are so many. Probably more than there are for the average breast cancer sufferer who chooses the conventional route.

Sincere regards and very best wishes





Dear Chris


The results of my latest scan -STABLE. One remaining liver lesion thought probably cystic, plus one small cluster of liver lesions more clearly detected by better equipment but not thought to be malignant, otherwise no change.

On 19th Decmeber 2003, I was told:

  • you have six months posibly a year

  • chemotherapy will not effect your longevity

  • you will die of this

and so expect around 3 months of quality time.

So, after basic chemotherapy and immunology, some 46 months later..... I owe a debt of gratitude to many including CANCERactive, whose magazine "icon" confirms much of what I heard informally and says much of what Penny Brohn Centre believes to be helpful to the body in fighting cancer.

I say to readers if you know someone with cancer and want to help them, make a donation to CANCERactive (click here)

From the heart - thanks and best wishes to you







Every week we receive wonderful complimentary e mails and letters about our work from people touched by cancer, nurses and doctors. (We did receive a bad one once but it was nonsense so we ignored it!)

We are flattered and so grateful.

Below, in chronological order (latest first), you can find a cross section of the correspondence, we’ve received.

April 2013 


I just want to tell you how amazing you are! Thank you for providing all the information that I have read so far. I am fighting cancer and you make me feel that I can do it. I have lapsed into some bad habits and am now picking up on things. Reading your newsletters renews my enthusiasm and of course the ’Rainbow’ book which is my bible! I call you my guru and pass on info to anyone who might need it. Too many friends are becoming ill with cancer. It upsets me to think that the powers to be are killing these people. I’ve always been health conscious and I was told in hospital that I was healthy! I was also told that my cancer (brain) came from stress. (Teaching and marital) I have been interested to read your recent article on stress.

Thank you again and congratulations on your award. You deserve it!



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