Cancer treatment Centres and Cancer Clinics

Cancer treatment Centres and Cancer Clinics

This section concerns cancer clinics, cancer specialists and cancer treatment centres - orthodox, Integrative, and Alternative.

We want to make it absolutely clear, up front, that we do not differentiate between them, nor endorse them; we do not intend to promote any of them and we receive no funding from any of them.  We seek merely to INFORM. We aim to treat every one of these equally and fairly, be they alternative or orthodox.

And we recognise that where people have cancer, they want to access information as easily as possible. Most often the initial view on one of these centres came from you, our readers.

All the information is readily available on the web, but often written in a less objective, more glowing style!

We have a number of articles:

  1. Although a little out of date now, you will find, (click here) what one of our journalists regarded in 2004, as the best UK hospital cancer treatment centres in the UK.
  2. An article on Centres of Excellence, which covers 5 top hospital cancer centres - one in the UK and four abroad (click here).
  3. A review (click here) of some independent cancer specialists and cancer centres in the UK and abroad. Here you will find private cancer centres such as the Oasis of Hope or the Dove Clinic, or German and American Centres plus individuals known by some our readers to specialise in cancer and have provided useful treatment or help. You will also find UK cancer support centres like Maggies or the Haven. Down the left hand side of this article you will see some of these individual centres listed. Each has its own a write up (sometimes by them, sometimes by us, sometimes by a patient) on some of the individual specialists and centres in the above listing. We are adding to the list all the time. To repeat, we do not endorse any of these cancer centres, nor do we favour one over any other. We simply provide information, often because patients have recommended a centre or because many of you have asked us specifically where you can go for Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy, Intravenous Vitamin C Therapy or Hyperthermia, for example. But, we do advise patients to be careful. Prices can vary enormously, as some of the benefits may be marginal at best.
  4. You can even find the addresses of our three UK Catherine Corners - this is CANCERactive taking information out to the people in local communities.
  5. You can also find our short article on how to choose a cancer clinic which you may find useful: (Click here)
  6. German Cancer Kliniks (Click here)

Important Warning

People e mail us or call us asking for advice - and we know we upset people by constantly saying, Sorry, we only give information, not advice. So these articles are just to inform. What you do with the information is totally up to you. But please remember: If you are considering going privately, independent Doctors, just like their Hospital counterparts, are expensive. Please ensure you find out exactly what the costs are going to be in advance, and exactly what those costs cover.
We are always interested in more comments and personal experiences.

Cancer treatment Centres and Cancer Clinics
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